My B would rather Arf than Baroo

  • I still have yet to hear a Baroo out of Chance. He barks and whines. Aparently the other day the cable man was at out house and Chance was out on a walk with Alex when he stopped dead in his tracks. His top hair stood up stiff and he started arfing and gurring at the cable man. That was the first time I have ever heard this. He loves everyone except this man.
    Are Basenji's protective of their owners? I have always joked with people about how he would lick a robber to death than attack them. :o

  • I know my Shadow is very protective of me. He doesn't like any other man in the house except the ones that are supposed to be there.

  • Giz has growled at people while on leash, but does not when he is off leash (at home, don't want anyone to think I just let him roam :D). I think he is much more defensive of his space when he is confined by the lead and he is much more protective of me during that time as well. I think if someone would attack me at home he would just hide behind the couch.:rolleyes:

  • I am curious about the barking….Cairo only roos....and he is very vocal....will these barks turn into roos? i have never heard any other basenji bark like this.....brrrooof

  • Oh, Shadow is barking up a storm right now. I have a new puppy, and he barks constantly at her. Won't hurt her, but gets verrrry annoying. Brf! Brf!Brf!

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