• I was planting flowers in the back yard last night. Cairo loves to hang out with me in the back yard. I was using the spade to pull out a weedy grass section that was in my bed.

    Cairo walks over, sits and watches for a while….leans over the bed and begins to dig me a hole mimicking exactly what I was doing. He then stops with his hands in the hole, looks at me, and cheerfully helps me dig or do whatever mom is doing.

    So freakin' cute. Do your basenjis do any mimicking?

  • Yes, especially the boys….. I have a picture someplace of OJ helping Dad dig a ditch for the new sprinkler line

  • Lucky you Mantis! Good you can get things done with some help. Yay Cairo!

    Duke won't let me sink a garden ornament into any ground. He goes bananas - nipping at my shoe and pant leg (ow-ow). Heaven forbid that I take a hand shovel and dig a hole! For my sake, Duke stays in the house when I "wreck" the ground. :p

  • Maybe he's afraid you'll find his buried treasure :eek: :eek: 😃 😃

    the bones, the squirrels, the rabbits!!! LOL

  • do your basenjis bury toys? mine dont, thank god.

    just the occasional sand hole to sleep in. my back yard is sand (no dirt) under the grass. we are about 5 minutes from the beach.

    cairo is a rock chewer…..and will play fetch with rocks over a tennis ball...:eek:

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