No such thing as a Basenji

  • First Basenji's

    Imagine a world without the Basenji…

    (I know, horrifying!)

    What breed of dog would be by your side right now?


    I will probably always have a soft spot for the Shiba Inu, since the breed is my real "first" -- and boy did this guy mentally prepare me for challenges with any and all future dogs. Maybe I would have explored more of the other Japanese breeds or adopted another Shiba if we hadn't lucked into finding Bowpi.

    I think some of the other sighthounds are fascinating, but haven't had much experience with them. I've gotten to know several greyhounds that I just adored, and seriously hope to adopt one or two in the future.

    Salukis and whippets are beautiful too, but I haven't met as many.

    Generally, I like medium-sized spitz breeds, sighthounds and pariah dogs.

    What about you?

  • Well my Shiba Inu (Spice) will be 12 here in January. I have also had three Akita's in my life time. But I would still love one day to own Black Russian Terrier. Now with all that said I am happy to have my B's and I do love them both good and bad or is it the bad and the good anyway what ever.

    Rita Jean

  • I would go for the Azawakh, Pharaoh Hound and/or the Whippet. I also like the Sloughi and the Peruvian Hairless Dog, especially the ones with hair, the Peludos, in 'medium' and 'large'. An Ibizan Hound would be welcome too.. And a nice Galgo Espanol.. I kinda like the Rhodesian Ridgeback as well.

    I like the look of the Laika and the Japanese breeds, but I don't really like the long hair 😉 If I would get over the hair, I could live with a Kishu or a Shikoku.

    I'm glad we have Basenjis, but I think I would easily find another breed to like if they would dissappear 😉

  • I would go for the Great Dane, that's the second breed I love the most.

    A wolfdog is also high on my list, next to the Thai rigdeback and the Dogo Argentino, and the Stabij

    BUT, I really like the Dobermann, the Rottweiler, AM. Buldog, the Boerboel (don't really know the english word), the Tosa Inu.
    And many more, but the caracteristics of those breeds I don't know that well to choose that already.

  • First choice would be a Scottish Deerhound, I love those dogs! Or a Ridgeback.
    But both are so large, I am thankful we have the basenjis as they are my first and only real choice!

  • Without question - a Hamiltonstovare, then an Azawakh, then maybe a whippet or beagle.

    I'm still working on my husband to let me have a Hamilton. My friend breeds them and is always offering me a pup. One day I will have my way 😃

    But I would NEVER be without at least one B in my life 🙂

  • I would probably have a Siberian Husky (ugh the hair!)…but the other qualities are similar to a B. Or a Pointer...I love the temperament and the look...but again, a billion tiny white hairs.

  • @Benkura:

    Without question - a Hamiltonstovare, then an Azawakh, then maybe a whippet or beagle.

    I'm still working on my husband to let me have a Hamilton. My friend breeds them and is always offering me a pup. One day I will have my way 😃

    But I would NEVER be without at least one B in my life 🙂

    We looked at the Hamilton's before settling on a basenji. Its still a breed i'd like in the future as i love them 😃

    Im happy with my other breed (pugs) so I would have them if there were no basenji's :eek: I also have a soft spot for afghans but not sure i could deal with the grooming :o

  • when i first started looking for a basenji, i'd decided on a basenji or smooth fox terrier. I still like and would consider living with the long legged terriers. Maybe an Irish ter. Of course now, without a basenji, I'd get a Cirneco dell etna, which is the closest thing to a basenji i can find. (shibas being another breed that's a lot like basenjis.) I also like the Chart Polski, but we do have a malinois, so that's the big dog in the house.

  • Houston

    I would have (and did have) a Westie., their spunk. I also love Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Pharao hounds.

  • Just for fun take the "which breed" quiz:

    Basenji came up on my results - yay - so did IG and ShibaInu (both of which I like the looks)

  • I would go with an Azawakh or Sloughi, although New Guinea Singing Dogs are high on my list too.


  • How cute that a few of you want a swedish breed. I like it 😃

    If I couldn't have a Basenji I would get a American Staffordshire Terrier (That I plan to do sometime in my life, It just don't fit right now), Golden Retriever or Canaan Dog 🙂

  • Over the years, we've had several breeds of dogs:
    Standard Schnauzer, Doberman, Great Dane, 2 Basenjis, and right now a Brussels Griffon. Hope to add another Basenji in the near future.

  • My list of other dogs I would have…no particular order:

    ridgeback, border terrier, german pinscher (red), harrier and whippet (fawn or blue)

  • I am amazed - I took that test, and learned Basenji is right there first on the list, and Shiba Inus, and Parson Russell Terriers, and Italian Greyhounds, and all these extremely high energy dogs. So the quiz thinks I made the right choice with my B's, even if my old body thinks they are killing me!

  • Well, when I was in my early teens, I loved bull terriers. But then I saw and read about basenjis… the rest is history.

  • Well Rotties and Chows of course, then I might venture into a Pharoah hound if basenjis suddenly didn't exist. I love Cavaliers, no so much their massive heart issues. I actually was on 2 breeder's lists for Tibetan Mastiffs, but the $3000 price tag is a bit daunting!

  • I could go for an Irish wolfhound but would need a bigger house so I'd settle for another Cavalier.

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, I love the range of answers!

    Buana, looking at your list, it is surprising you ended up with such a "little" dog! 🙂

    I am also super intrigued by the Azawakh, but I have never met one. Same with Saluki and Sloughi. Met a couple Pharaoh hounds before, and definitely find them to be graceful and captivating.

    I've never heard of some of these other European breeds. So interesting… I'm amused that the official Cirneco dell etna page (US) calls them "The primitive hunter / bed warmer" right on the front page.

    I have to admit that I am now quite turned off of Huskies because of my Shiba's shedding... the last thing I want is an even BIGGER dog with MORE double-coated fur that perpetually sheds! laugh Despite it all, lots of the Nordic breeds interest me. And we looked at a Lundehund before adopting Bowpi, but someone else gave him a loving home.

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