Snow Basenji

I know he's a bit overweight

Well done, Shelley!
What did your b think of it?

We forgot to show her but one of the Cats, Tom came out to investigate and sprayed it 😮

Love it! That's great!! :D:D:D

Wow a real snow Basenji. I haven't let mine see it - they'll be asking me to build them one!!

Cute, good job!

Pretty cool those snow basenjis. I'm just glad that stuff's at your house and not mine!!

I'm with Lenora! No snow here, and that's fine! You did a great job shaping it into a basenji all the same.

Update on the snow Basenji, one of our dear neighbours made him into a boy Basenji with the strategic placing of an icicle 😮
I went to have a look if he'd melted this morning and was rather surprised to find him not only there but with an extra bit. 😃

Too funny! 🙂

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