• A while back, there was a very involved thread about a foster dog named "Declan". Many of us have wondered what ever happened, so I thought I would share this link and image. Either BRAT did not reclaim Declan, or they did and this is just a scam, or they didn't and this is still a scam. I have no way to know, but.... for the curious:
    Declan the Basenji "Fundraiser"

  • @elbrant For sure it’s a scam one way or another. I hope it’s just a pure scam and BRAT took the dogs back. My heart goes out to the poor dog, BRAT really does need to learn from the process and screen applicants thoroughly.

  • Sad if it is a scam - unfortunate that they would take advantage of people that have a genuine concern and empathy for living creatures.

  • This dog is still LEGALLY owned by BRaT. She is a foster gone rogue.

  • @mrscastro That is what I thought. I know it’s hard for BRAT but she is IMO seriously not capable nor mentally stable enough to care for the dog. If you read her full post, she tells several confirmed lies and also confirms that she is experimenting on the dog again (if in fact she is not just pocketing the money).

    Either way the dog is in danger. Would be nice if someone from BRAT could give us an update from their end.

  • @dagodingo said in Declan the Basenji:

    Would be nice if someone from BRAT could give us an update

    I have asked... we'll see.

  • I cannot speak on behalf of BRaT. They are aware of her activities and working to correct the situation.

    We lost our Rascal (Rock'n Rowdy Rascal of Thor-Judy Brader's Thor Basenji litter 2005) to a combination of Cushings and cancer. It is a horribly painful way to die. He was sick for less than a year. I cannot imagine making an animal suffer so many years with such a diagnosis.

    I cannot follow "Her" as she has made public attacks against me for a favorable opinion I made regarding my personal experience with BRaT. I have her blocked on FaceBook for that reason. It would be helpful for the situation of someone could follow her to see recent photos of the dog. Could the dog even survive this long?

    I will not participate in any drama.

  • @mrscastro said in Declan the Basenji:

    I will not participate in any drama.

    That would make you a wise woman! And with her (Heather) it does seem to be all about the drama. My personal take involves many concerns which depend on things that I can not be certain of (at this moment).

    First, for the dog's welfare:

    • Is "Declan" alive, sick, and still in her care?
    • If so, is the dog getting proper medical care by a qualified and accredited Veteranarian?
    • Or, is Heather playing nursemaid and administering her own special drug cocktail(s)?

    Second, regarding Heather's online persona:

    • How much of this is true v. how much of this is "not quite accurate"?
    • Is Heather using this dog as a way to scam people out of money?
    • Is Heather "healthy" by society's standards, or is this a subconsious cry for help?

    So, yes.... I guess I am involved in that:

    1. I want to know that this dog is not in danger, and
    2. I want to be reasonably sure that Heather is "ok", and
    3. If she is running a scam, I want to make sure the right people know what she's up to.

    Disclaimer: I do not know Heather. But if I saw someone in my 'hometown' doing these things and acting this way, I'd be calling local "animal welfare" officials to have them check into it. If that's not the case, then I'll back off.

  • Official response: "Declan is no longer a BRAT dog".

  • @elbrant Kind of sucks as the poor dog (according to her own FB posts) is not being cared for and given proper veterinary care. It is one of those things that sucks but life can be very unfair.

    The only good that can come out of it, is if BRaT learn from it and improve their vetting process. Even that is sketchy because maybe the foster was fine when she originally took the dog. Reminds me of someone at work that I had to let go, someone asked me why I hired them and as I told them, they were fine when I hired them. A lot of mental illness around these days.

  • @dagodingo sad, but true

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