Basenji Baby Quilt

Hey here is the quilt of the now-famous Tyler that I made for my friend's new baby Soji. A basenji baby blanket is way cooler than one with bunnies or teddy bears. Took under 2 days to complete.

I agree….give me basenjis over bunnies any day. That is really terrific and I am feeling depressed and inadequate now.:D 😃 😃 I couldn't draw a basenji with a crayon much less applique one on a baby quilt!!


That is very cool!

That is awesome! Nice job!

Very nice. I have 2 basenjis that "help" me quilt. Did you do raw edge applique?

I luv luv luv luv luv it!!!!!! 😃 Ok how can I get my hands on a couple of these lovely quilts??

I agree….give me basenjis over bunnies any day.

Here here!!!

That is so nice - I'm impressed. :p

It's beautiful! How can I get one?!? :p

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