• Some pictures of my other pets:

    The lovely Ananda

    Another of Ananda…and me.

    The adorable Keoke

    Keoke and my sister taking a nap
    (you can get a good picture of his size)

    Dante the red Super-Delta Betta

    Smoak the wiggley Red Veil Tail Betta

    I have lots more bettas but their pictures are on hotmail…and that is where the cats pictures are as well.

  • Your other babies are adorable! Ananda looks so incredibly soft! What breeds are Ananda & Keoke?

  • They are mixed breeds. Ananda is a Coyote Chow/Shepherd hybrid, and Keoke is a Doberman Pinscher/Pitt Bull Cross. Ananda is soft…Keoke is softer though..his coat is naturally silky whereas Ananda has naturally coarse outer hairs inherited from her Coyote father that help protect her from the elements.

  • What type of dog is a coyote or are you refering to wild coyote?

  • She means a wild coyote…sometimes if a female in heat gets loose, a male coyote will breed with her.

    One of my aunt's had a Husky/Coyote hybrid. Very beautiful...but what a handful!!

  • Yes, Annandael has it right, a wild Coyote. I live in the Chihuahuan desert and coyote hybrids are not uncommon out here. Ananda's mother was chow/shepherd mix owned by my neighboors at the time. They had a very short fence and she broke out and bred with a coyote…..she had 8 puppies...one died early and I adopted one of the remaining 7...my Ananda. You are right about a handfull...though not as much now as when she was young. Coyote hybrids are not quiete like domestic dogs....From an early age I made extra sure to desensitize her to me handling her...and her food in any kind of situation...I introduced her to all kinds of people especially children and other dogs. I keep her on leash all the time...not unlike a hound she has very strong prey and roaming insticts and she knows that when she is off leash she is free and I cannot make her do anything. I have to keep her seperate from my cats even with early exposure she is not safe with them. She prefers to be outside rather then inside and she spends as much time outside as I will allow her. She is more of an "adult" then some domestic dogs...very intolerent of rude dogs or puppies....has zero interest for toys or retreiving...only occasionally plays with other dogs...tolerates but doesn't like children. Is Very Vocal....Barking, growling, yipping, and howling. She is very intellegent and understands things in ways that one wouldn't expect a dog too. She is a great obedience dog as se likes to puzzle things out....as long as things do not get boring.She is very touch insensitive and doesn't seek out being pet.She hates baths but loves to play in the snow and rain. She has quick reflexes...she once caught a pigeon in flight....she has on more then one occasion caught a mouse. She likes to dig holes to den in. I...don't care....my backyard is a giant sandbox anyways. She is a very interesting animal....I love her to peices and wouldn't trade her for anything. wouldn't reccomend a coyote hybrid to anyone though.....they are not quiet tame. Of my dogs she is the only one that I know could live in the wild....she would probabley excell at it. Anyways that is my little speech.....Although I am sure that you all kind of get it since B's are very primative dogs. And you are right about beautiful....I may be biased but I think that Ananda is extremely beautiful....I have actually had people offer to buy her on the street. (creepy) Thankfully the creepies have stayed away once I got Keoke...They don't know that he is as sweet and harmless as a kitten. 🙂

  • Thank you for the information as we don't have coyote out there in France, I didn't know they could breed to dogs like wolves or dingos could!

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