My non basenji dogs :)

As I don't own a Basenji yet I thought I would share some photos of the two I currently own

This is Charlie who is just over a year old male cross breed, we got him from a rescue group when he was a pup.

And Freja who is a 8 month old female German Shepherd dog.

And one of them together

Both beautiful! I am definitely more drawn to Charlie! What a face!

Charlie looks very b mix to me.
Any idea where he came from?


Charlie looks very b mix to me.
Any idea where he came from?

No, he was dumped with his litter mates at a Vet. Every little mate was a different colour, black, white ,tan , brindle… you name it.
He was listed as a staffy x but its quite obvious now he isn't that.

But he clean himself like a cat ( which I have heard is a Basenji characteristic) and also doesn't like getting wet or swimming.

As soon as I saw Charlie I was thinking he looked part Basenji, it was the face shape that looks like it too me. From your remarks it sounds like he might be part B also, with cleaning like a cat, and hating water, Very Interesting! Whatever he is he's beautiful and the Shepard as well.

Awe they are both very cute

What sweet & beautiful dogs you have! 🙂

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