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  • New Guinea Singing Dogs Rescue Operation - forward
    Below is an e mail received from Jan Matznick with NGSD Conservation

    Dear all. We have initial reports from the NGSDCS and NGSDI members we
    sent to PA to help evaluate the 78 Singers found at an illegal kennel.
    There are 4 litters of puppies and we will be trying to place 50 Singers
    total, some of them unsocialized adults. We have a mobile veterinary van
    and volunteer veterinarians to spay and neuter all that are old enough.
    Mothers with young pups will be fostered until the pups are old enough to

    Of course, we are in desperate need of funds to pay for veterinary
    supplies, shipping crates, and transport expenses. We are a very small
    group and cannot help these Singers without the assistance of an army of
    concerned people. Please donate what you can, even a few dollars, to this
    cause. Every penny goes directly to help these unfortunate Singers. The
    donations can be made at: We will also need
    volunteers to help transport Singers when the time comes as homes will be
    all over the USA.

    Please forward this message to your friends. If you might consider
    adopting or fostering, please read the information at and then contact me with
    any questions. Thank you.

  • Will share on FB too.

  • Thanks, Debra! I would have put it on FB, but didn't think of it, duh!
    NGSD are barely domesticated and endangered in the wild in New Guinea - I believe the estimate is that there are barely 300 worldwide and most are in zoos. Somehow, these people got a breedable pair, and ALL of the current dogs are down from them, so they are severely inbred, which is why the Society will be spaying/neutering them.



  • First Basenji's

  • Wow, just looked at the link. Apparently my info on the number of Singers was too high! I have a friend who owns one that was born at the San Diego Zoo and belongs to the Society. She forwarded me the request for help. Hard to understand how this man could have acquired 2 breeding pairs at a flea market, no less!

  • My friend belongs to the Society, not her Singer! Just reread my post and realized it sounded like the dog did, lol. He's a smart boy, but not up for signing anything legal - yet…

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