• I have three sweaters hand knitted by another basenji lover. . I got them when I didn't know as much as I do now, Basenjis get cold when the Texas winds blow and its drops below , so I got the sweaters, they did not like them at all, chewed up one, So I'm downsizing and found them again, if anyone wants them let me know and I will get them in the mail. They are ugly colors , but basenjis don't care. My pack has a heated dog house now with hay for their nest. When we walk at nights, they don't need a sweater in winter. Im not savy enough today to post a picture, it will be a surprise..

  • You basenjis live outside or the heated dog house is just for being out sometimes?

    One of mine also chewed sweaters. Cara is fine with hers.

  • @CrazyBasenjiMom If I were you & had 3 b's that got along ~ I'd trade in my queen size bed for a king & have a b on each side & 1 snuggling between the feather pillows & my head! Of course, there'd be a nice blanky for the b with the feather pillows & my head! I'd dearly love to know what it's like to have a b curled around the top of my head!! 😉 Yes, I'm crazy, but I'm a fun kind of crazy! And no, no b's at my feet ~ I can't stand it when my feet are hot!!

  • @CrazyBasenjiMom I live in the very Southern tip of Indiana & we get some pretty cold winters & there's a lot of humidity so it's a real "biting" cold & if the winds blowing ~ it feels like razor blades are in it!! If no one else wants the sweaters, I'd be glad to have them for my next b that I'm waiting on getting!! But if someone else lives in a colder area & wants them, they can get them! If no one else wants them, I'll be happy to have them. Before my Mother passed last yr., she'd knit up one for everyday of the week & one to wear on wash-day!! 🙂

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