Possible Basenji Mix?

We lost our sweet 15-year-old rat terrier this week and our hearts are broken, of course. He was such a perfect friend. We got him when he was 9 1/2 months old from a backyard breeder who claimed he was full rat terrier. I met his dad, and he was a small guy, definitely a rat terrier. I didn't meet his mom, but saw a photo and she looked much bigger and much more like a basenji. He loved to snuggle under blankets, was a little grumpy on waking, somewhat aloof, but very affectionate, groomed himself like a cat each night. We eventually want another dog, and would love another whatever he was. Do the experts here think he could have some basenji in him, or is he most likely full rat terrier? I'll post a few pictures.

0_1487955930776_max at 9 months.JPG

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Looks like a lot of basenji to me. BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) is an excellent place to find one that needs rehoming. You could also contact the Basenji Club of America to find a breeder near you. Be aware that the new one won't be the same personality as the one you lost (how many times I've heard "well our old one was so ... why isn't this one the same"). Also read up on both breeds (rat terrier and basenji) to see if their characteristics really match what kind of companion you want.

Looks very basenji to me! I am sorry for your loss. 😞
You might contact CampBasenji or Brat for a rescue when you are ready.

Thank you, Debra. He was such a wonderful guy and I'm so grateful I had so much time with him.

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