Would you marry your basenji?

  • Really….too sick for words.

  • People are exceedingly strange sometimes. As to the rhetorical question about marrying one of our dogs - hell no, everything would have to be done their way!!!:p All kidding aside, I heard on the news this morning that a 64 year old man here in Florida was arrested for animal cruelty for having sex with his dog. He evidently took the dog to the vet and asked what was wrong with her, because "she doesn't seem to enjoy it any more." This guy needs chemical castration and never to be allowed around dogs again!!!:mad:

  • Sadly, we just had a fellow up here is Wa state who is going to jail because he believes that its ok to physically "love" sic his dog and horses..
    There is a special place in hell for this sick sick human….

  • Sorry all. I know Fran didn't mean this video the way that I posted above.

  • Not to worry, everyone. I posted because I thought the story was humourous. Yet I know there are people that are 'unbalanced' out there that think strange thoughts about animals. 😞

    In our local newspaper a couple of weeks ago was a story about a lady who left millions and millions of dollars (upon her death) to her dogs. Her Will specified the dogs were still to live in the mansion she lived in, and have their own care givers, maids, etc. Rather eccentric, but I suppose that was done with the best of intentions.

    I just thought it might be fun to find out the traits that you like in your dogs that you wish a spouse had - picking up their socks? Eating all of the food from their plates, and not complaining about what you give them for supper? That kind of thing.

    No hard feelings taken at all, Sharron. And I am sorry if my post came across incorrectly.

  • About six years ago, a 14 year old in Africa married a dog to ward of bad luck. The photo provided was of this little girl in pink sharing a place of rice with a spotted basenji. My Dad found it and left it on the counter with a note "was Blaze invited to his brother's wedding?"

  • I would marry Topper (platonically, of course), he is my heart dog. Though he is stubborn and independent, he is a charmer and a 'good looker' and melts my heart. And he keeps my feet warm.

  • And for Shaye's mom: here in the Sunshine State beastiality is not illegal! Hence the animal cruelty charge, rather than the sexual deviant charge. All the weirdos wind up here.

  • All kidding aside, I would have married my heartdog,Thunder.
    And now, my other B , Joshua is the perfect model of the perfect man.To bad I'm not a Basenji Bitch.

    Kathryn D. Ladick
    Jaroufa Hounds

  • MacPack: Yes, I know bestiality isn't illegal here - how stupid, and they did mention that on the radio.

    Also, the whole gang probably would platonically marry Topper, he is such a dear. My Shaye would REALLY like to marry Topper.

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