• Hi all,

    I joined this group a couple days ago and have been too busy til now to post.

    I am Therese Leimback of FoPaw's Basenjis. My husband Kevin and I have had basenjis for 15 years now and we are currently owned by 7 of them.

    We live in Washington state just over the Oregon border and breed as well as do some showing. We live on 7.5 acres of basenji fenced heaven. We built our place for our dogs and they love it here, we could ask for more sunshine but you can't have everything.

    We have played at lure coursing and agility/rally training although we have not personally competed in agility or rally.

    We have been very fortunate to have been successful in the show ring but mostly successful in just having great dogs. We were also very lucky early on to have wonderful mentors in our breed.

    Like most I have heard about from this list we love this breed and we want to say thank you in advance to people who we have heard have said nice things about us on this list prior to us joining.

    We look forward to meeting and getting to know more basenji people and their owner dogs.

    Therese and Kevin Leimback
    FoPaw's Basenjis
    (Probably to be known best as Kipawa's breeders)

  • Welcome from Scotland 🙂

    We look forward to seeing piccies of your babies.

  • Hi Therese, welcome to the forum. It's nice to see you here. Obviously with Kipawa on here, there has been a lot of talk about your dogs. 😃


  • Welcome 🙂

  • I am so sorry, but your arrival on the forum is not going to get as much notice as your puppies. SO start posting pics. OMG they are adorable!

    Just kidding, welcome. OMG did I mention your pups are adorable?

  • Houston

    Welcome Therese and Kevin,
    So happy to have you onboard. We have heard lots about you and your lovely puppies..most recently Fran's Kipawa..Welcome..

  • Welcome to the forum, Kipawa's breeder 😉

  • WOOHOO, welcome Therese….. You will have to post the famous "Turkey meets RV windshield" Story.....

  • Hi Therese & Kevin!

    This is Libby, owned by Dude & Ono

    To everyone just meeting the Fopaw's crew they are a great bunch, 2 and 4 legged 🙂 Kevin, Therese and their dog owners I have met around the Pacific Northwest have been so nice in welcoming me to our local basenji community.

  • Welcome!!!

  • Welcome Therese - we've already seen your baby photos posted by another member - I hope we'll have some more soon!

    What's this Turkey story?!!

  • Hugs to you, Therese. I can't tell you enough what a great young man we were able to get from you and Kevin. He's perfect in the van, excellent in pet stores (we were in one today getting him a very nice warm coat) and is wonderful meeting other dogs. Right now, he is sleeping so soundly - all the activity out with us, and then doing lots of "zooming" in the backyard today has just tuckered him out. There is nothing to not love about him. Transitioning him to our home has been seamless. I think it's all fate - we were meant to have this little dude. So glad to have you here on the forum!

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome! I feel like you were famous on this board before you even joined. 🙂

  • I think that many of us have said… you could not have gotten your pup from a better breeder then Kevin and Therese.....

  • You all are so sweet and what a nice group to join.

    I'll look for photos of the turkey incident. While traveling to Nor Cal for a show with a junior handler and 12 basenjis in our motor home we met a wild turkey on I-80 at 70mph. A 25lb turkey that flushed from the center of the highway and came head first through our windshield.

    Replacing a windshiled on a 40' motorhome is quite a task and we were forced to drive the rest of the way to the fair grounds with no windshield (another story all its own).

    The best part was when we arrived at the gate to check in and Kevin slid open his toll window on the drivers side to hand them our reservation slip. The whole parking crew was in stitches.

    We still have a turkey crossing sign a neighbor at the show had made and posted on the front of our coach.

    Lucky for all of us the only injury was a broken neck on the turkey which was put out of her misery by a friends son who was following us in their car. I'm still picking turkey feathers out of corners of our motorhome.

    In the mean time here are two of my favorite photos to share. #1 is Kipawa's half brother "Baldar" (same mom) with his Dad "Odin" and #2 is Makena and Megan on the beach (the family who now also owns Baldar.

  • Welcome Therese and Kevin. I just read your story and tribute to Ace, what a stressful year you have had. I lost my darling black boy on Nov 10 and hope someday to have another sweet black and white boy. Too bad we are on the other side of the country, I would beg to be on your waiting list for a pup(this from a person who has sworn never to take any basenji under 2 years old)!
    Your dogs are lovely and it does look like they live in basenji heaven (well, except for all that snow).

  • Welcome to the forum, Therese and Kevin from your Texas connection! (we were Sassy's breeders) Sharla's description of your wonderful home helped inspire us when we put up our dog building here…

    Great to have you here!

    Terry (and Bob)

  • Love your web site, welcome to the board.

  • Welcome to the forum

  • I don't know how I missed this earlier!! Welcome to the forum 🙂 So glad to have your knowledge and experience available in this venue! And yes, I think of you and Kevin every time I see a wild turkey 😉

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