• Hi, everyone.

    I am a new member to Basenji Forums. I have a new Basenji in my life whom I have named Henry. He is 9 months old and is a Golden Opportunity Dog. I have only had him two weeks, but I am VERY familiar with Basenjis since my sister has one (now has two) and used to take care of her whenever my sister was out of town. I LOVE the breed, but my new little guy and I are just beginning to settle into our routine. ANY advice you have would be welcome!


    Shaman and Henry

  • Welcome to our forum. I only have one piece of advice, really. Lots and lots and lots of looonngg walks.

    You will often hear "a tired Basenji is a good Basenji" and it really seems to be true.

    Post pics of your new best mate, everyone here loves pics!

  • Welcome to the forum! Don't forget to keep your sense of humor tuned up! Do some obedience training and oh, and have fun too!

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum. Henry sounds like a lovely little guy..
    Otis is 10 mo. and yes long walks are a must, or fast runs..

    Pictures, we need/want to see pictures..

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome my girl Jaycee just turned 10 months the 26th of Oct. B's are so much fun and fast. Have fun on here and enjoy.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome to the forum! My advice: Post some pics! 😃 😉

  • Welcome to the forum - the advice you've read above - lots and lots of walks and/or runs is the most important you will ever get. It is very true that a tired B is a good B. Bored Basenjis can be a whirlwind of destruction. They are very bright and creative when it comes to new ways to get into stuff - puppyproof your home as though you had a rebellious teenager with the mind of a curious two year old! Of course, LOTS of time will be cuddling and laughing at your B's adorable behavior. My girls are 10 months and 17 months, and my time is equally split between the challenge and the joy!

  • Welcome to the forum Shaman and Henry, you have certainly come to the right place for advice. My advice is to spend some time going through the threads, thare is loads of useful info.

  • Welcome! Everybody already said lots of exercise, so I'm with Nobarkus: Have a sense of humor. You will find yourself laughing at things the owners of other breeds would be horrified by. 😃

    And definitely check out all the forums. Also, pictures, pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseee….

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to our pack!

  • Hello, we are the new owners of Apollo, a 7 month old basenji mix. He has been absolutely fantastic. He is gentle and patient with my kids (4 and 😎 and also very fun and playful. We have just tried to stick to a consistent routine with him and we have had no problems.

  • Welcome to you and Apollo as well! You guys all need to be posting some PICTURES of these wonderful new babies!

  • Welcome Apollo and family!! If you want you can start a threat for yourself by clicking on 'new threat' in the "Member introduction" section.

    And we loooovve pics here!! 😃 😃

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