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I had planned to go (it's only a three-hour drive), but unfortunately, my mother recently had a stroke and I can't get away.

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Anyone going to the Basenji National Specialty in Frankenmuth, MI, next week?

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Both our basenjis came to us as adults. Toby was a "golden opportunity" (love that phrase) retired show dog; Jake was a rescue who'd lost both his humans to death in a short period. Each of these boys filled our home and hearts the way only basenjis can. Circumstances have prevented us from getting another dog since Jake's passing three years ago, but i can't wait to bring another one home someday.

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Definitely try probiotics, then a vet check. My daughter's mixed-breed (primarily American Staffordshire) exhibited similar symptoms, plus weight loss, at around the same age as your basenji. He was eventually diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) With no fish products, single-ingredient food, and a daily enzyme supplement, he's now a healthy three-year-old.

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Congratulations! My first Basenji was also a "golden opportunity" dog. I loved him to the moon! I will always be grateful to his breeder for her generosity and will always miss my dear Toby (Ch Jazzeta's Swiss Toblerone JC).

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It's been a lonely couple of years without reading about other people's adventures in Basenjiland. I will write about Toby (and post pics) when I have a little extra time to figure out the forum. (And I have a couple of concerns - I found the forum while Googling information on those. I'll post my worries, too, when I have time.) Sharron - The Evergreen Basenji Club was the source of the Basenji handbook I picked up before getting Toby six years ago. Three years ago I saw a two basenjis in a Volvo on the Bainbridge Island ferry. Anyone you know? Kirk - I'm originally from Bay City (talk about depressed areas…) and visit the Walled Lake area regularly with Toby. There's a couple in our friends' subdivision with basenjis - the only ones I ever see "live" besides my own! Toby is from Kansas - a Jazzeta basenji, if any of you know Dawn Schultis. Again, thanks for the warm welcome. It's good to be in a pack again!

Michele (aka Scampy)

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Hello, everyone! I am so excited to have stumbled upon this forum! I belonged to Basenji Companions until last year, and I miss the community and advice. I have one basenji, a 10-year-old red & white male named Toby. I adopted him six years ago as a "golden opportunity" dog when his show/breeding days were over. He shares the house with three humans and a cat. (We may be inheriting another cat, but don't tell him…I'd sort of promised him a little sister.) Any other west Michigan folk out there?

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