Saying goodbye

I'm so sorry for your pain. I recently went through something similar (but not so replete with the three P's) with my 18.5 year old cat. It's never easy. 16 years is a long time. Hang in there. I am new to this forum, but I am not new to this passage of life. It's painful to lose a friend. I hope the vet has different news for you, but you sound like you know your boy.

I don't think there is more you can do. You've loved him and given him a good life.

I'm in tears right there with you. I have an almost 14 year old who is in great health, but sleeps a little harder and more than he used to. I know the day will come too soon and don't know how life will be without him. At some point we realize we have more days behind us than ahead of us and those days become more dear. I wish there were something I could say to make it better or easier.

I am so sorry wish there was away to make things better. All I can say is just hold your baby and love him and let him love you for all your both worth. My thoughts are with you.

Rita Jean


At some point we realize we have more days behind us than ahead of us and those days become more dear.

This was simply profound as well as beautiful.

I had to go through that last Spring.

My old red dog, Congo, almost made it to his 16th birthday.

For me, it was harder watching him get old and lose his zest for life, than the actual putting to sleep part.

Congo twitched when he heard just about anything. He would walk in circles and stare in the closet for hours. He would stand over his bed and not lay down, like it was too much work to lay down and he couldn't get comfortable. He ate, but not much. He drank, but not much. He started having issues going out the doggy door. I can't count how many times he had accidents in my room, the last 2 years of his life. It was like he forgot where he was, doggy dimentia. He didn't interact with anyone, dog or human.

I felt the time had come. The day of the vet appointment, I first took him to Burger King for 2 hamburgers. He ate one but just looked at the other. Then, down to the river for one last walk. We didn't get far and he was disoriented and had no spring in his step. I had to carry him back to the car. Once at the vet, he just leaned into me. He let me know that it was OK, he'd had a great life. He wanted me to give him the ultimate gift. The gift of a young body. It truly was like he just went to sleep. He was ready for a nice long nap.

I picture him now running & jumping & playing & rolling in stuff & eating all the canned food he can hold in his belly. He will always be my first b and will always be the best b ever!

You've done your job. You've loved him and helped him live a long, healthy life. He will always have a spot in your life and your heart. That never goes away. Wishing you the strength to listen to Blaze. He'll let you know when he's ready.

It sounds like both you and Blaze already know the time has come for a peaceful journey across the bridge. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this most difficult time. It is so difficult to have our special friends leave us. But it is a blessing we can send them to a happier place to be free.

Your story breaks my heart… It's so hard to let them go... My thoughts are with you..

My thoughts are with you and Blaze.

I agree, you are doing all you can by ending the suffering. At some point we have to embrace our own pain by releasing them. Sometimes I foolishly think after a while shouldn't it get easier… but then I realize if it were easy, I'd have lost the ability to love. It is part of the package. They never live long enough and it always leaves that hole in your heart.

My deepest thoughts are with you too, your words made cry remembering when I lost my friend last year (my dearest Ta-Sha, siberian husky, she almost made it to her 13), I really want so send you all the strengh. The most beautiful gem of your friendship will be your moments together, in the good and the bad times, but you will specially remember the good ones, the ones you both felt happy for having eachother in your lifes.

It is so hard to let our furbabies go - when it is time, be grateful for all the good years you had together, and understand there is a time when they would rather let go than put up with the pain and problems they are having - when it is done, the spring will be back in his step, his youth and happiness will be back, and he will thank you for letting him transition. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Blaze.


I am so saddened to read your story about Blaze. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

..just little over a year ago I had two of our beloved dogs pass exactly a month never gets easier or less sad, I still carry Bogus and Lou in my heart every day.

16 is a fine long life, but never long enough. Blaze is lucky to have such love and devotion for his entire life, right to the end. Seeing them sick and confused is very hard, and as you said, there really isn't anything more to be done but to be there for them at the end, so they can have dignity and comfort as they slip off to that deep sleep at the Rainbow Bridge. Big hugs to you and Blaze.

I feel your pain having been through it numerous times! It never ever gets easier. Thanks to you Blaze had a great life and thanks to Blaze for enriching your life as well.

So sorry to hear this. May your final days with Blaze be full of wonderful memories. My prayers to you.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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