• @italeigha - But again, Bordetella only covers a few strains of kennel cough... there are MANY.... so after seeing this a course of antibiotics might be a way to go... but again I would stay away from the dog park for now...

  • @eeeefarm it feels like it has been all around us. We haven't had it in this house that we know of, but...

  • @tanza Right. I learned that at the ER, many strains. Made me feel like, why did we bother then. I am not anti-vaccine, but I think, in humans, and in the US, we over-vaccinate. I gave birth to two kids abroad in two different countries (lived in 3 over 6 years abroad) and vaccination schedules there are quite different, and gentler, there.
    The ER dog did say that he was telling all his patients to steer clear of kenneling and dog parks until we get through this uptick in respiratory virus.

  • @italeigha - Agree with your Vet's suggestion. I am not anti vaccine either, but you can overdue it if not needed, that is why I do titers (except rabies as required by law)

  • @italeigha said in Cough not going away:

    in the past year we have missed at least two doses

    Heartworms take 4-8 weeks to mature, so I normally administer heartworm every 6-8 weeks. If you missed a dose and took it as soon as you realized it.... your pup is probably safe.

  • So Tuesday, because the cough was still here intermittently and we are going out of town, we did the respiratory panel and blood draw (CBC and hematology). Rest panel was negative all the way across, (also negative for heart worms)and CBC/heme were within normal limits (creatinine slightly elevated) but abc were normal. BUT since tuesday (we started TemarilP which has a steroid in it) she got worse. Much worse. Coughing quite a bit and then lethargic and elevate respirations (40's) yesterday. Took her in and they heard barely audible crackles possibly so did a chest X-ray which was positive for lung disease, most likely pneumonia, which they said was early and new. (She did take an accidental dip face first off a float into a very clean lake July 4th weekend so it is possible that she aspirated then, though I do not remember her coughing after). So, I went home with two antibiotics. But, she would not take them no matter how I tried to give them to her. (This despite her taking the TemarilP fine and no issues when I have given vitamin C powder.) Of note, the doc said that the steroid in the TemarilP may have suppressed her immune system enough to kick her into a pneumonia that she had been fighting. That is exactly why I didn't give it the first time they suggested it as an option. Long story short, she would not take the antibiotics, but woke up nearly normal this morning. We have not heard a cough this morning so it is just like what has happened twice in the last 6 weeks except now we have some diagnostics pointing to pneumonia (but bloodwork not). Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • @italeigha - If she will not take the pills, then you may need to resort to forcing them down her. Are they big pills? What have you tried hiding them it? If you resort to forcing them, put her between your legs (to hold her) lift her head back towards you, open the mouth and push the pill as far back as you can... rub the throat till she swallows (holding the mouth closed). Once you get it down, give her a very, very yummy treat and praise. Yummy treat like steak, cheese, those kinds of things, not just store bought treats.

  • Pilling a reluctant dog isn't easy (although most vets can make it look that way), but nowhere near as hard IMO as pilling a cat! Agree with your method, Pat. Usually worked for me, although some of the little blighters can appear to have swallowed only to spit the pill as soon as you let go of the muzzle!

  • @eeeefarm said in Cough not going away:

    although some of the little blighters can appear to have swallowed only to spit the pill as soon as you let go of the muzzle!

    Which is why you need to stroke their throat to make them swallow although many will 'pouch' the pill and spit it out sideways. Holding the muzzle shut until they have obviously swallowed is essential.

    This is my method too - tried and (generally) true !

  • To give you an idea of the contrast between Basenjis and Border Collies, my BC once spit out a pill, I said "Blackie" in a disapproving tone, and he picked it up from the floor and swallowed it!

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