• Hi-

    well Isis- fanconi pos since last Feb- is holding up okay. She can be so unpredictable sometimes, but we've learned to "live with it".

    I had a question about her going in her bed. When left indoors, she goes on our bed, the floor etc. Thankfully, our new apt had a patio and that's where she stays most of the time during the day. Sometimes I see her pace about outside, and then go to her bed to do her business (just pee).

    You'd think a dog wouldn't go where they sleep, but there she goes.

    Has anyone else had thier B's do this? Has anyone tried those "outside dog box garden" things, where the dog can go on the grass & the grass is replaced? I'm afriad she goes to the bathroom so much that it'll just turn into mud šŸ˜ž But I feel like she is sooo darn picky that she doesn't want to go on anything that isn't soft.

  • Dogs are substrate specific when it comes to pottying. If she has only pottied in soft areas all of her life she will seek a soft area to potty instead of going on the concrete. Perhaps you could set up the garden box with drainage into those urine capturing crystals they make for cat litter boxes.

  • never thought of using the crystals.. sounds like it could work šŸ™‚
    guess the hubby has some building to do!

  • My fanconis b would be sleeping on the couch next to me, and I would notice a wet spot.
    The dog was still asleep, but the body just couldn't hold the pee.
    We just put down pads and cleaned up after him.
    Breaks my heart you have to go through this.

  • she is my 1st dog (my hubby's dog) and when we learned that she had fanconi it hit me hardā€¦ we were in shock for about a week.

    It's so conflicting... we've had many arguments over her. We love her, and hate this situation.

  • Yes, I do know what your going through..
    My hubby and I had lots of discussions re the dog and pee in the house.
    We both wanted to have a nice house, not a house that is "dog messy".
    But I pointed out that the dog 1 couldn't help it, and 2 the furniture doesn't love you.
    getting "stuff" for your home, well even if you don't have kids and dogs, it wears out or you get tired of itā€¦but its just stuff.
    With the good cleaners now, to decompose the urine, its much easier.
    But yes, I do know what your going through.
    Our b got to where he wouldn't take the pills, and that was the beginning of the end for him..
    Hugs dear.
    I am so sorry you have to go through this.

  • Yeah, we really don't care about the furniture, we care about her and our fights have dealt in what's best for her.

    We feel like bad pet-parents sometimes, entertaining ideas of a rescue and such- things we've never even discussed before this hit us- it's not the dogs fault, but we understand why some people give up thier pet now. But no one can understand our dog. We're doing the best we can for her, sometimes I feel maybe someone else can do better for her.

    i am glad I found this siteā€“ because of support from people who understand this conflict.

    thanks :,)

  • I have to tell you that no one will tend your dog the way you will.
    I do rescue and know that some folks have to give up dogs.
    Dogs with cronic illness are very hard to rehome.
    We have a few angels who will take dogs with issues, but most folks want
    dogs who are healthy and long lived.
    I would be happy to talk to you off forum if you wish.
    brescue@wavecable.com is my home e-mail.
    I do so understand what your going through.
    Oh, have you gotten on the fanconis list that is out there for folks with fanconis b's?

  • One of our Fanconi dogs will seek out the cuddler to pee, and also wet her crate - however, she has done this for a long time, even before she was diagnosed. We are her breeders and she has been with us all her life. None of her brothers, including the one who also has Fanconi, have ever deliberately done this, so we can't say she learned it - she invented it all on her own! Even outside she will go into the dog house she shares with her daddy and pee on the cuddler and pads in there. He is not impressed when he wants to go in and take a nap! After she goes in her crate at night, she complains until we get up and change the wet pad, but for some reason it doesn't bother her in the dog houseā€¦. Just another Basenji quirk, I guess.
    I do agree with Sharon, if you get on the Fanconi List you will find a wealth of information and experience to help you.


  • And there are just some bitches that "mark" their beddingā€¦ period... My Mickii's litter sister for her entire life would mark bedding (and she didn't have Fanconi)...

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