• The things NOT covered are a tiny percent of general pet care, a small percent of the vet's expenses, and whether they directly increase the cost of each item to the pet using, it, or spreading that amount over ALL patients, I am sorry but what freaking SKY IS FALLING SO WE'RE GOING TO MILK YOU FOR ALL IT'S WORTH crap. Think about it… just for a moment.

    The cost of some items is going up... OMG 2 to 3 percent. OMG... 2 to 3 percent. Okay so think about THIS... which is absurd. Let's say that (although I suspect they account for far less than 10 percent of any vet's expenses!) that a vet even uses so freaking much that it accounts for 50 percent of their total costs (which of course means they don't pay staff, they use almost no other supplies, free rent.. you getting the picture?)--- they should STILL only be justified in raising their overall rates to ALL CLIENTS by 1.5 percent.

    Sorry Pat, but what hogwash.

    EDITED after further internet search (cannot btw, find the actual FACEBOOK page saying it):
    And btw, yeah same post posted all over, and the right wingers crying sky falling and demo/liberals pointing out not only what I did but so much more I didn't even consider.

  • You would be surprise what the tax is going to hit. I am in the medical equipment business with a manufacturing company and it is amazing what is going to be taxed, down to the smallest little nut and bolt….

    Day to day Vet care may not be directly impacted, but for surgery centers/specialists and care involving surgery (which is expensive enough), these costs for procedures will increase.

    Something to keep in mind when putting money away for that "rainy day"...

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