• In typical Basenji fashion, Blaze decided when he wanted to go. I knew he was deteriorating. Saturday, he didn't eat. Sunday he didn't eat and started acting strange. Monday, he was so confused, disorientated, etc. and still didn't eat. We had a vet appointment booked for 5:15 pm on Tuesday, so that both myself and husband could go and be with him.
    He passed during the work day. I found him curled up in his kennel, like he was sleeping, but he wasn't.
    Husband came home immediately. We put Blaze, in his kennel, into my Jeep, and drove out to the farm.
    By the time we got out there, my inlaws had a hole dug in their pet cemetery, and a beautiful pine box made, with Blaze burned into the top.
    It was better this way. If we had it done at the Vet's, they would take the body to cremate it and only release it if you have other arraingments made through another pet facility. This way he's buried where I can visit him and where he was allowed to run free.
    I know he had a fabulous life for all of his 16 years with me, he's eaten and destroyed a lot of stuff, been a lot of places, and had a lot of publicity…
    I miss him dearly, his groans of contentment, his clicking claws, is wanting whines when we pass the sausage factory... It's hard to understand why he's gone when he was so full of life last week, but then it's easy to recognize that it was his time, he chose it.

    Goodbye Blaze
    I love you

  • God Speed Blaze…. you were truely loved. Run free with all the rest that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge before you......

  • I am so sorry for your pain…but I love your tribute to Blaze. What a wonderful life he had...run free sweetie...

  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear of Blazes passing…he is running free, eating well and having fun again..my thoughts are with you and yours today.

  • i am so sorry. it is the worst thing about loving a dog. that day they leave us. i hope you can find peace soon and that blaze will send you a new pup to love. not to replace, but to honor his memory.

  • Very sorry for your loss… Blaze is one wonderful B... I saw your "saying goodbye" posting but I couldn't get myself to reply because tears kept fogging up my eyes just as it's doing now... Blaze reminded me of my first B, Casey, whom I helped to Rainbow Bridge because of liver cancer but she was only 10... However, we had great experiences with them and they will live forever in our hearts...

    Our thoughts and hearts are with you...

  • Very sorry to hear of your loss of Blaze

  • So very sorry for your loss..

  • I am so sad to hear of this news. Run free, Blaze.

  • First Basenji's

    I'm sorry to read of your loss, but I enjoyed reading your touching eulogy. He was obviously loved, and will be loved and remembered forever. Take care.

  • I am so sorry to hear of Blaze's passing. Your decision to keep him nearby is one we have made with all of the furry loves we have lost. His spirit is in the wind, his memories will be with you always.

  • I'm sorry for your loss… run free Blaze

  • So very sorry abut your loss. Blaze had 16 great years of love but know I know Blaze is in your heart so he is very much with you everyday. Have fun Blaze you will be missed.

    Rita Jean

  • Thank you for this loving tribute to your Blaze.

  • I'm sorry for your loss but at least Blaze seemed to have a peaceful painless end and went when he was ready to leave you.

    I feel especially because Blaze seemed to have been the same age as Jewel. Every day now is a bonus for us but we know in our hearts that the time may soon come. I mourn for you.

  • I'm so very sorry for your loss. Run free and happy Blaze. (((Hugs)))

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