Poppy Res CC at Bournemouth

Sue and I were delighted to gain another Reserve CC at Bournemouth yesterday. It was a truly wonderful day for us.

Congratulations also to Gerry and Pip on being Best Puppy and all the other winners


Ps. Sorry we forgot to take any pictures

Well done Steve & Poppy:D

Well done you two! Very well deserved.x



Congratulations Poppy, Steve and Sue
also congratulations to Pip and Gerry

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

I do feel guilty for not being on here much but I just find it difficult to find the time!


Congratulations to you and Poppy also to the other winners.

Congrats Steve and Poppy, well deserved, she is beautiful 😃 Roll on those CCs 😉

Congratulations Steve!

Congratulations Steve and Poppy, she looked beautiful.

well done steve & poppy - it was well deserved, she looked lovely.

well done poppy and steveshe is a beautiful girl

Thanks again everyone. We will see what Richmond brings; good weather I hope, Poppy is always at her best when the Sun is shining!

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