Are B's good jogging partners?

  • Mine love nothing better than to run but I have to do it one at a time otherwise I would end up eating street. When alone they run beside me but together they seem to want to criss cross constantly in front of me.

  • YES, as long as you can keep up….:rolleyes:

  • Ditto the last comment. Please let your dog poop if s/he has to while on your jog. Don't just drag them along while they poop. That is so uncool.

  • I started marathon training on the weekend and took Jake on a 13 km (8 mile run) and he did fine. He hardly moved the rest of the day but it was kind of nice… 😛

  • Dogs are like humans, they need to train and ease into long runs and don't over-do it at first. If 8 miles is OK for him, well & good, otherwise take him for shorter runs and let him build stamina so he won't get injured. But they are natural runners so with some training there is no reason the can't run with you for a good part of your training, maybe not 23 miles!

  • Before having your dog go on too long of a run, I would have the hips x-rayed for hip dysplasia and check for luxating patellas. This is especially important if your dog is a rescue or if you do not know the health history of the parents and relatives. I did this for my rescue who lure coursed.


  • I think B's would make great jogging partners, if the run is separate from the poop walk. As a matter of fact, I wish I could run, but my old knees don't permit it. My two would greatly benefit from running, since when they walk, they won't get their noses up off the ground and the walk is slow because of their constant sniffing - running would prevent them from getting that scent going strong enough to stop them. We take them to dog parks and run them next to our golf cart in the grass so they will get their running in, which is very important for our high energy basenjis. And wel all know a tired basenji is a good basenji!

  • I really would love to run or jog with Oakley but he had proven to be a challenge. He craves speed but at the same time he sways side to side, stops abruptly…he really is a trip hazard, and when we do get a good pace he pulls hard because he wants to go faster. It's a work in progress but I think they have the endurance and stamina for it!!

  • I go for a run from time to time, and Voodoo likes it and even ignores other dogs etc. while we are running, it seems like my pace is a bit to slow. So most of the time, I just take a bike and let him run besides that. Goes a bit faster and he likes that a bit more.
    He can easily run a marathon if we have a short rest and drink stop now and then.

  • That's great that all of you can run with your Bs. They love to run and it always seemed like a natural and fun thing to do together. Alas, I tried and tried, but Spencer would dart right in front of me and trip me up. I hate to say it, but I finally just gave up before I took a nasty fall. Spencer would never even heel, much less run quietly beside me. He obeyed almost everything else, so I learned to accept our limitations.

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