This Weekend's Coursing

With our race weekend cancelled due to a soggy field, we went ASFA coursing instead. L'Ox picked up both of his first placements and 32 points going BOB beating his half sister in Open and his mom in the BOB run both days. Kyo, Kinetic-Tanza Reaper Man, also got to see the lure for the first time and give it a try,

It was a nice weekend with the rain holding off until after the trial was finished. The dogs are all happily worn out and sprawled on various couches.

Congratulations, so nice to have another event available when one gets cancelled

🙂 Watching basenjis coursing really makes me smile. They truly love it. Congrats on the results.

Darn those plastic bags! I remember last summer Kevin and Therese had to have a significant number of replacement bags on hand.

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