What foods are bad for Basenji's?

  • First Basenji's

    I am looking to find out what foods are bad for Basenji? I do not want to give my baby anything bad for her or make that mistake. I do have two other dogs well Pups in the house and they are Shih Tzu one is half SCHNAUZER/ Shih Tzu. They are loves spoiled too.

  • Here's a link on things bad for all dogs. Corn is only listed as 'corn on the cob', but many basenjis do not do well with any form of corn. You really have to read the ingredients on any bag of dog food to make the right decision. Feeding is a very personal thing. People on this forum feed either a high quality kibble or a raw diet (or a mix of both).

    Quantity is also important. Feeding should be twice a day - try to stay away from 'free feeding'. Also important is your basenji's weight. You should be able to spread your hands over your basenji, with thumbs along the spine and fingers on each side, move your hands towards the tail and be able to feel ribs (though not see them). Hope this helps.


  • Fran, thanks for the helpful link! My boy won't be living in a bubble, but all nutrition educational materials are so appreciated!

  • Besides the usual stuff like onions, mine don't do well on dog foods that are over about 12% fat. Besides food, something few people seem to know is that dogs in general (and Basenjis in particular) are VERY sensitive to cleaners like Lysol, air/fabric fresheners like Febreeze, scented candles and rug deoderizers. I've stopped using ALL of the above after my female developed liver cancer and now make my own spray cleaner from baking soda, vinegar & borax…and amazingly, it works better!

  • I prefer grain free or a single ingredient diet as many of my Basenjis including my rescues have had allergies.


  • chocolate is a no no.

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