• GANG (Greyhounds Association of North Georgia) is currently hosting a 5 day Winter Challenge in Calhoun, GA. We attended on Sunday & Monday, and are going back tomorrow. Sunday was Lola's first trial ever, and she did really really well! She was the only basenji in open, and Beck, Field Champion, forfeited Best Of Breed to us. Monday, our second day, Lola again had two great runs as the only open basenji, and then ran against Field Champion Beck in Best of Breed & won!! Most importantly, she had SOOOOO much fun & we can't way to go back tomorrow!
    Here are some pictures from Lola's first trial!
    Her new coursing blankets are size XS!! Here she is showing off the blue one.

    Gotta get that bunny!

    Lola tolerates being still long enough for 2 pictures with her ribbon.

    This weekend's ribbons.

    Uma Rapiti Photography was there, and he has posted the pictures from Sunday, but not Monday yet.

    And of course, a typical basenji story from the day.
    I noticed a lot of other dog owners clip their ribbons to the dogs' crates to show off what they've accomplished. Monday morning I clipped Sunday's BOB ribbon to Lola's crate. We put her in the crate & left to wander around & watch some other dogs for a bit. As we headed back to the car, it suddenly dawned on me that I shouldn't have left the ribbon on the crate.
    Sure enough, we get to the car & Lola has pulled a basenji. She pulled the rosette off of the ribbon & through the bars & into her crate. She left the hanging ribbons completely untouched. Once she got the rosette into the crate, she didn't tear it up or chew it. It was in perfect condition. I think she just wanted to admire it! I was able to reattach it, but I thought it was too funny!

  • Congratulations, I am glad Lola did so well and had so much fun. She is a beautiful girl!!!:)

  • Sounds like she had a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats…..............

  • congrats! my basenjis love their "colored" ribbons put on their crates. (i keep the green ones in a different place)


    She sure photographs well. If I didn't know any better I'd think she pauses in the "flying" position.

  • Congrats! Way to go Lola! Good luck tomorrow. It's addicting isn't it? 🙂

    Beck is a nice guy, Roxie got to run with him at her first trial this summer too!

  • Congrats!! Looks like Lola has lots of fun running 😃 Beautiful pics!

  • Very cool! Congratulations!

    My B's also love coursing, but unfortunately we have to drive about 300 km to get to the next Sighthound Association which offers free Coursings. Currently I am thinking about buying my own "Rabbit in a Suitcase" to allow my dogs coursing at the beach….



  • That is so awesome! Congrats! You must be super proud of your lil girl.

  • I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! She is so graceful when running.

    I am jelous just looking at how much fun she is having as we have to wait until May or when all this darn MN snow is gone :-)!

  • Congratulations Lola - hope you have many more wins!

  • Yay! Way to go Lola!

  • Thanks for all of the congratulations! Today was our third day, and she had 2 more great runs! She was the only basenji, so she got 1st & BOB again just for completing her 2 runs, but she had a TON of fun & her scores were great again!!!
    I took Booger & let him do a practice run. He's a huge flake, so I didn't want to pay to enter him. He ran a few yards, got bored & started running around. I ran with him to help him find it again, and he chased it a bit more until he found a tree that needed to be peed on. He had a huge grin on his face the whole time though so it was worth it just to run with him & see him having such fun!

    And Mauigirl…. Lola flies or sleeps. Those are her only two modes. Haha.

  • I made a Photobucket album of this weekend. There are pictures of Beck & Lola & one picture of Beck's new puppy sister, Bon-Bon (her real name is pronounced Bonmee, but I don't know how to spell it)

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