Piper's First Trial


Yay congrats! We almost went to that one but then other plans sprung up. Will you course in SC ever or is that too far?

Too bad you couldn't make it I would have liked to have met you. I might go to SC it's a little far but it's not that bad. Let me know next time you plan on coming up this way and I'll see if I can make it.


Congrats! I got an email from Sue saying what a nice runner Piper is. She also said that Sawyer spent some quality time on your lap this weekend. I also heard that my little boy looks like he will be quite the courser and might be giving Piper a run for her money in a year.

Yeah Sawyer is a great little guy. Piper really liked him and I had a lot of fun with him as well. I considered just putting him in the crate with Piper and bringing him home and hoping Sue wouldn't notice. And he definitely has plenty of lure drive, he'll be a force to be reckoned with next year. But as long as he stays as sweet as he is now I'll have no problem losing to him.

Sin is also a great courser and really fast so I'm looking forward to lots more competition between him and Piper. So next year when Breeze and Sawyer will be running too it'll be a lot of fun and probably a toss up on any given weekend.

I love seeing the b's run…what a lovely sport this is.

TC is such a sweetie, everyone who meets her wants to take her home. It is good to hear that her son is taking after her. Sawyer was alway a love though. He was the first born by about 4 hours and he just nestled up to whoever had him while he was waiting for his siblings to be born. He was always the one to want to just curl up on someone's lap in the evening and nap.

It sounds like it was a great weekend and Piper made great progress towards her FCh. If she keeps it up she will have her FCh in no time.

Congrats, that's a lovely start for Piper! It's awesome to watch them having such a blast on the field, wish we could do it every weekend. 🙂

Way to go, and here's to many more nice wins for your baby!

Congrats and what a great time! I too love to watch them run.


I wish there was more change to let them couse in Holland!!!



I wish there was more change to let them couse in Holland!!!

You can go coursing in Leek. They train about once a month 🙂

Congrats to both of you!

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