By George…I Think She's Got It

After all the wrestles nights of trying to keep our Kiya out of the bed I think she is caving in. Ever since we brought her home she slept with us but she has outgrown her welcome. She would hog the entire bed leaving us with a sliver of space. :o
We already trained Chance to sleep in his own bed and he no longer tries to join us. After the constant tug-of-war with Kiya we won. She is now sleeping on her own bed!!!!!!!
Aaahhhh I just love having my OWN bed back
gggggggg 😃

Hmmmm…. that post could be the "kiss" of death...gggg

And I hope that she doesn't take out her "non" bed fustration on her "handler" at the shows this weekend...ggggg..... bring your camera... could be some interesting shots!

Lets hope that's not the case but you never know with a Tri 🙂
I'll have a camera in one hand and a video recorder in the other just to make sure we capture everything. LOL

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