By George…I Think She's Got It

  • Finally!
    After all the wrestles nights of trying to keep our Kiya out of the bed I think she is caving in. Ever since we brought her home she slept with us but she has outgrown her welcome. She would hog the entire bed leaving us with a sliver of space. :o
    We already trained Chance to sleep in his own bed and he no longer tries to join us. After the constant tug-of-war with Kiya we won. She is now sleeping on her own bed!!!!!!!
    Aaahhhh I just love having my OWN bed back
    gggggggg 😃

  • Hmmmm…. that post could be the "kiss" of death...gggg

    And I hope that she doesn't take out her "non" bed fustration on her "handler" at the shows this weekend...ggggg..... bring your camera... could be some interesting shots!

  • Lets hope that's not the case but you never know with a Tri 🙂
    I'll have a camera in one hand and a video recorder in the other just to make sure we capture everything. LOL

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