• Here is an update on Malaika's training, we are so proud of our little star 😃
    She successfuly passed theKC puppy foundation good citizenship and completed the Bronze course. Unfortunately due to having her first season she was unable to do the assessment, however she is of a standard to pass.
    We have now started the Silver course and what a star, i never thought i would see the day when she could do a sit/stay in a room with 6 other dogs off lead. She is also learning how to come away from distractions whilst off lead.
    She will have to do her Bronze assessment at the end of the silver course and do her silver later.
    She is able to walk to heel (we still do have to work hard at getting this ), basic positions, 2 minute sit/stay with me out of the room, 1 min lie/stay, retrieve an object up to 6 times, select which hand hidden food is in, go to her crate and high five.
    I don't think this is bad going for a Dog still under a year old.

  • WTG! Not only the DOG but the fun you are having building a good relationship.

  • I think it is quite marvelous for a puppy under a year old! She is obviously enjoying all the challenges given to her. Good job to both of you.

  • Thanks Debra and Fran,
    it's marvellous for us to see. Our first Basenji was a rescue and that compounded with our lack of knowledge on basenji's gave us a situation were we just learned to live with him 😉 We loved him to bits but he had some very difficult Basenji ways 😃
    To see the extent of Malaika's intelligence is great, she's a realy special girl.

  • Well done Malaika.

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