WHEN IT's raining cats and dogs???

  • So today was the first day when i actually got stumped with taking my dog out to potty. It was pouring rain outside. I tried to take her outside to potty and she avoided all of her special spots and hated being in the rain. What do you recommend me to do cause i don't want her going in the house. I did however put her on the balcony and she managed to pee but no number 2.

  • Basenji's are notorious for NOT peeing or pooping in the rain. Keep trying and carry an umbrella (for her, not for you). See if you can find a tree that offers a bit of protection while she goes.

  • I have gotten soaked while holding the umbrella very low over the dog!
    But my favorite, when it is raining all day, is to drive a few miles to a big highway overpass and park under it, get the dogs out and walk up and down under the overpass till they have done all their business. I find myself looking for appropriate sites when we travel, haha!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Any big bushes or pine trees, anything to provide some shelter? An umbrella is a must as MacPack said.

  • Raincoats work wonders. We just got one for out B and he still hates the rain but he does his business with it on. thank god!

  • Raincoats are a must, as well as just making them walk.
    In the PNW, we don't have any option, its always raining..

  • Wow, I feel lucky…the rain/snow actually work the opposite with Tosca! In bad weather she goes super fast, just so she can get back inside. However, when its nice out, she will putz around, sniffing all over just to get the perfect spot. I hate when she does that, especially in the morning when I am already late for work! Good luck!

  • Raincoat if it´s must but you´re the packleader and if you want to go out so must they and sometimes you just have to be stubborn as a mule and not go in before they´ve done their Pee&Poop.But if you accept that they pull the leash and want back in then they learn a bad habit which can be a major annoyance.Doing it on the balcony should be a total no my dog´s go out when I say so and i´m the sole leader in our house my word is law;)

  • I hear you on the rain issue in San Diego. I have 3 that have no problem going in the rain. 2 puppies have to walked to get the idea that the rain is not going to melt them. I hoping they will get the idea soon too. But it just means I have to walk them on the leash vs just letting them run the back yard. It sucks because you get soaked too, rain coat or not.

  • It's been my experience I just have to grab an umbrella or raincoat and get the leash out…the idea of a walk no matter what the weather or time of day will provide them the relief they need and the assurance you need they have been provided the opportunity to go. It may take some time until your Basenji understands that's the way it works but stay consistent! Good luck!

  • Well, I put Sahara on a leash, grab my raincoat and umbrella and out we go. I might get soaked b/c I am holding it on her and not me that much, it works every time, and she usually goes fast. She is sooooo very spoiled, but there have been times that I leave for work and if it is raining she follows me to the car and will go in the yard while she is already wet.

  • In our house there is one way to get back inside…

    Now before you say thats unfair, we don't have a yard so human and basenji have to stand out in the rain until Indy does what he needs to do. It will only take one or two times to make the point. Plus no potty in the house

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