• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBilEocPpfM

    not a Q, but i think there is some potential there. She has been to a few seminars, but otherwise she has been totally "homeschooled". Our Jumpers score sheet had RWRWRW written on it. I think the judge meant "Really Wonderful, Really Wonderful, Really Wonderful"

  • Oh my gosh! She could not be any cuter!!! 😃 Congratulations on a very nice start!

  • I'd say RW too!

  • Thanks, actually the R is for refusal and the W is for wrong course. But as I was leaving for the day that judge was sitting on the bleachers as we went by and he said "She sure is a pretty girl." (That judge has whippets and deerhounds. I was so excited to learn that)

  • Soo cute Kim! I'm sure once she gets comfortable with the venues, those Q's will be flying! Those arena floors are soo distracting! I homeschooled my first dogs completely before trialing so I can relate. 🙂 Nice job though, and look at those nice weaves already!

    That reminds me, I am really anxious to find somewhere close that we can get back in training. Soo much fun!

  • OMG, how cute is Zest! How old is she? 😃

  • WOW… how wonderful is that!!!

  • We've worked really hard on the weaves and she actually enjoys them. She actually enjoys all of agility. She's 2.5, so we're looking forward to a long productive career in agility. And I think you can see an improvement from the jumpers ring to the standard ring. She did not feel inclined to visit the ring stewards in her second run. I'm also really happy with the send to the tunnel in the jumpers run. It was more distance than the angle of the camera shows.

  • Houston

    I think she is adorable…she did great...more importantly she sat still when you walked away...very cute..

  • Yes, she sure looks like a wonderful agility girl! Keep it up!

  • That was very nice for a first try. She will improve greatly as she becomes more seasoned. Beautiful little gal. You're doing well with her. Heck, just getting a Basenji to do all that is a triumph.

    I thought it was cute how she went around to greet the judges. Such a little ambassador.:D

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