• I'm going to be posting a lot guys, sorry! Just have a lot of questions because Mowgli is in such bad manners from living in a dog pound for his first part of life.

    He is very, very jealous of Shango. Anytime I bend down to give Shango attention, Mowgli runs over and jumps up, both on me, licking and wagging his tail and tries to move Shango out of the way…etc, upsetting us both.

    Is there a way to train him out of this, or is it just something he'll stop once he gets acclimated?

    What are your training ideas?

  • I'm not a dog therapist or expert. He's been in a shelter for some time with no attention. He's feeling insecure and wants to make sure he's not loosing your love/attention. He'll need more time and he will start to feel more secure. What does Shango do when you pay attention to Mowgli? If he does care/mind much then give the new guy more attention.

  • Andrew, I do not have the answer but I will tell you this. When my husband comes home at night the Shiba, Pom and Jaycee all run to greet at the door. Now we try to tell Jaycee your 3rd because you go in order well so much for that. The other two have grown use to the fact they may as well give up and just get the loves. Been no fights or problems on that so far so good.

    Sounds like Mowgli loves you making sure he claims you for his own. I think as long as they are not fighting in time it will work itself out.

    Rita Jean

  • My personal opinion is that if you don't set ground rules for both dogs, you will have a fight… each needs to respect the other and since Shango was there first, he should be greeted first... and Mowgli needs to learn to wait his turn.

    But first you will need to teach Mowgli some basic Obedience, like sit, down, stay.... You need to greet Shango first and have Mowgli wait.... if he buts in you need to put him back in a sit/stay until you are done with Shango and release Mowgli

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