• hi..we're taking Chilli on a car trip on Sunday. For about 1hour.
    Last time i had trouble holding on to her as she just wanted to run wild!! Any suggesstions?? We have a dog seat belt but not too sure if it'll work. Also, she throws up & pees every trip?? :o

  • Some dogs have motion sickness-you could try a few of the suggestions through the threads here. A friend of mine tried ginger cookies-they seemed to help.

    Also, a crate helps TREMENDOUSLY in the car. If you're not comfortable with the seat belt (some dogs a magicians who look at the seat belt as an opportunity to show off their skills at the 'dissappearing seatbelt' trick. I find they're safer in a crate.

  • Crates are the way to go… or if not that then a seat belt for sure... it is NEVER a good idea to have your dogs loose in the car.... too many things can happen especially if you were to have a car accident....

    And you should work on getting her used to the car... take her out a few times a week for a short ride....

    When I have a litter, I take the pups all the time in the car from the time they are about 6wks... (in crates of course)..... and mine just sleep the time away after the first couple of minutes...

  • Hi, the travel went ok yesterday. Had a nice afternoon with the other basenji's here in Victoria - Australia. It's good to know that our Chilli isn't too different from the other pups! they are all as crazy as each other. Quick question..have decided to get a dog crate..size is medium. Medium size H60cm x W76cm x D54cm - would this be big enough for a basenji? what's the maximum height?? Also, any how do we use this for training?? Thought it would just be a transporting crate.????

  • Glad to hear the trip went well. I'm sure there are people on here that can tell you more, but Bs are about 17 inches at the shoulder. I use my crate all the time. Deke LOVES it. He'd rather sleep in there then with us! It's also his "safe" zone. I have two (human) girls 6 and 10 they are not allowed to bother him in there.. other kids that come over are also told to leave the him alone when in his crate. It is in our kitchen so he's always near us. He actually likes it covered(it's like a den), he's in it when ever we're not home and at night. When he goes to my parents it goes to and his bankets and the cover. He gets a treat most times he goes in. We trained him to go in with the command "crate" but "bed time" works at night. When he was little we just picked him up and put him in we said "crate, good boy" and gave him treats. He just learned to love it. Good Luck

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