Tillo's third obedience diploma!

Do we have a smart Basenji or what?! Tillo had his obedience exam today and he did ok.. Of course the grass was too high and wet and… But he still did the best he could and got enough points to get his diploma!

Well done Tillo! We are so proud of you!


Good Boy, Tillo..

Tillo, you and your mom are amazing! Congratulations. Perhaps you can travel to the United States and teach my 2 how to be obedient Basenjis:D.

Congrats to you and Tillo, what a team!

Congrats. And i love that picture. It shows such a bond.

Congrats! Well done!


What a lovely picture and many congratulations to Till and you.

Well done Tillo, you're a Star!

Well done Janneke & Tillo - thats great news.

Awesome! Good job, and congrats to the two of you!!

Good boy Tillo, I think you should have gotten extra points for working in the tall, wet grass 😉

What a wonderful thing.
Thanks for sharing.

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