• My Wheat is a chow hound. She lives for food, eats bird seed that falls on the gounds from the feeders, is just a starving African village dog. That being said, she figured out how to "hook" the tupperwear container with the dog food in it, this was just after I filled it, so it exploded when it hit the ground. What a good girl NOT, Now all 3 dogs acted like starving critters from outerspace.
    Mind you, this is food that Cody, turns up his nose at, when its in his bowl….Sigh. But he was a vaccume just like the others were, when it was "raining" on the kitchen floor.. They all went outside with a squirt of the disapline water bottle...but not without protests!!
    No wonder we are all round here, easier to eat the food than to sweep it up...no I didn't but I did consider it. Well, all's well that ends well, but I bet they have to go outside to poo before the am tomorrow morning.
    What a good girl, not....
    What a bad mom for leaving it close to the edge of the counter...

  • What a smart girl! Anything within 8 inches of my counter's edge is fair game for Topper.

  • She is a smart girl…and it was totally my fault, but I worry because she is just such a vaccume. Lou, dropped a coffee bean, unground, on the floor, and before he could get it, she ate it. That was a week ago, but she is just awful when it comes to anything in the kitchen.
    I think our only way to keep her safe is squirt her out of "harms" way.

  • Oh Sharron, sorry, but that made me laugh. I can see your three pouncing on all the scattering food and you just wondering what to do! Good idea about the spritzing - very good for dogs that do not like water. It sounds as if Wheat has found a wonderful home. Now go to your kitchen and double lock everything! 🙂

  • Yes, it was funny…if it had happened to someone else...grin.
    Really, these dogs do let you know what is working and what the human needs to fix!
    Hugs my friend. Hope you and hubby and cats are all doing well.

  • Sharron, start doing some It's Yer Choice with Wheat every day. Though she will probably always do some scrounging this really does help with the impulse control and leave it.


  • Thanks for the tip. We have started training…but I am always looking for new info.

  • Sharron I had a similar incident like that with Sonny aka Hoover Vac a few weeks ago…my brother was moving & my parents house was a mess of boxes and things while we were there visiting...usually Sonny is right under foot where all the peolpe are but everyone knows when its quiet & he's no where to be found that equals- TROUBLE :eek:......we of course found him in the spare room with a bag of dog food he'd pulled out of a box all over the floor & he was going to town! :rolleyes: I have no doubt he would have wolfed down that whole bag if we didn't catch him....as my father says he's got a little Italian in him & likes to eat like the rest of the family! :p:p

  • Houston

    Sharron that is hilarious..although I can see why you don't think so.

    Moses, our portuguese podengo wonder boy, also knows how to unlatch the airtight lid on my dogfood tub, so I constantly find him head first into it eating like he has never seen food before..silly dog.

  • Sharron, do you have any current pics of Wheat? She must be growing like crazy! I think we would all love to see them when you can get some help posting them here.

  • I had to laugh but it was very close to home because Tifi ( at nearly 7) has started the trick of climbing up on to any surface where there's food and devouring it (1lb of meat today!) She doesn't share though - do you think Miss Wheat was trying to do the others a good turn as well!? I too use the water squirter but so many call me cruel for that!

    When I'v left this site I plan to check om Ivoss's link.

  • Its is funny! if it happened to someone else..laugh. You have to laugh..once you make sure they are going explode because of food issues!!!
    Fran, she really looks the same. She is almost 10 months old, and hasn't changed at all.
    But when I get Lou to get the camera out, I will share with you…
    I love these dogs...they are just so smart...keeps you on your toes!

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