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We have a 16 month old female Basenji looking for a new home. She is in a suburb just North of Chicago. Preferably looking to join another basenji in a new home. She is wonderful.
Thank you for any help during this difficult time.

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This is the style Otis has, and he has it in 10-14" size, and he has lots of room in it..
I bought mine at my local Raw dogfood store but found them on these sites,,538.html

here is the actual Lupine vendor page..

You could just google lupine 3/4" adjustable combo collar or if you want the more common style the adjustable collar fits that bill.

Good luck, I think you might like these.

Just ordered both a collar and leash for the price of one leash in the past! Thank you so much for your help!

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I don't know of any other things to try except maybe trying a different brand.. I am using Lupine collars on Otis, the martingale style but they also have other styles, the of course have harnesses and leashes as well. The reason I like them is because they will replace them for free, so no matter haow bad they are chewed up,, send them in, now collar on the way back to you..and they are affordable as well, I think I paid about $15 for a martingale collar, not bad.

Good luck

HI– Thanks for this! I googled it and found but they dont do the selling– do you remember where you ordered/bought from? Also, do you know which collar they sell that is the style you got? Is it called martingale style? Thanks so much- I am excited about this.

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She's chewed through a metal collar and tags. She's had surgery to deal with the damage to her mouth. We've resorted to taking off her collars, and have tried to be good about placing a leash out of sight. The process of taking off and putting on her collar is a problem because she hates it, and time consuming when she needs to go to the bathroom right now. This is on top of the table surfing she does (which is actually quite amazing considering how high she can jump). We're just frustrated, she loves and is great with our kids, and really affectionate with us, but we are just hopeful that we can find some measure of making this better.

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OK, so I can't picture the collar chewing unless it's really so lose around her neck that it hangs down. So my question on the leash is,why don't you pull it out of her mouth right away when starts to chew it?

It is not loose. I have a basenji and she loves to chew. She bends her head down and chews. I also have been known to not have my eyes on her at moments, so that is when she chews her leash. We take her everywhere with us, but "us" includes my 4 and 6 year old, so I am also keeping my eyes on them. I did not ask this question for any reason other than a suggestion, not criticism. If I thought the answer was pull it out of her mouth then the problem would be solved. If Halo chews her leash for less than 1 minute, it is on it's way to being split into 2 pieces.

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Yes, when she's wearing it. And no obviously not. Any other suggestions?

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Halo has chewed threw many collars and leashes. She even had surgery for chewing her tags on her collar (previous owner). We are tired of constantly replacing them. Any suggestions for collars that she cannot chew through? Leashes that you prefer? Where to purchase? Thanks!

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What do you mean she had a parasite?

Rita Jean

First Giardia and then coccidia– nothing today though, so good news there!

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Hi– Halo our 8 month old lives in the Chicago area... our vet is pushing Sentinel for 12 months. We just got her and since she is being spayed today, we have not given her anything yet. We have records stating that she had a parasite previously. Is this a wise choice? Is 12 months necessary? Thanks for any advice!

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Typically once they start sleeping in bed with a "human" rarely will they get up in the night… mine never did and still do not unless they have a problem... at 8 months she can certainly hold it all night... You might have to keep an eye on her for the first couple of nights to see how it goes.

What do you know about where she came from? Did she come from a breeder or is she a rescue?

THANKS AGAIN! She came from a home where she was crated all day every day which is why they decided to pass her onto a home where she would have a lot more attention and exercise (I work from home and can take her on multiple walks, and our two boys and my husband and I have already been to multiple dog-friendly locations with her in 10 days). She slept in a crate all night there too… Tonight at dinner we tried sit/stay for treats, and it worked, until we were done-- then back up to lick the table dry (or wet!). Then what?

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