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    My girl Athena is not even 5 months yet and she is crazy fast and agile and super fit. She can 180 on a dime and be right back at full speed. At the dog park she literally has ran circles around a few dogs that chased her, not exaggerating. The only dogs that can catch her are big dogs… And she's only a puppy. So point being I wanted to put her in some sort of race or something how should I go about training her for it or what should I look into for her to utilize her speed?

  • If you are interested in becoming involved in racing or coursing check out

    ASFA, http://www.asfa.org

    LGRA, http://www.lgra.org

    NOTRA, http://www.notra.org

    The Dallas-Ft Worth Basenji Club is holding their annual lure coursing fun day this Saturday in Celina, TX.

  • Google Gazehounds in TX. They do straight and oval racing in the Mckinney, TX area. We come down occasionally for their NOTRA meets. They are having an oval race this weekend if you would like to atttend and watch I can send you directions. We will not be there this time as I'm having surgery Monday and need to take a couple weeks off. Where in TX is Pearland? We do lure coursing in Hutto, Waller and Cat Springs, but the season is at and end now. Will pick up again at the end of Sept which would be a good time for your girl to try some practice runs. There are lots of nice non basenji people in the clubs who will help you train her. Get a good recall on her now, puppy training classes would help for that.

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