Katie's Gotcha Day Party at Lure Coursing Fanatics

  • We are going to have a Gotcha Day Party for Katie at Lure Coursing Fanatics in Somers WI this year on July 18th.

    Here's the page my husband made up about it.

    We are holding it as a fundraiser for West Suburban Humane Society, where we adopted Katie.

    We've gotten to meet many of you at the BCOSW fundraiser, the Greater Chicagoland specialty, and the ASFA trial in Belvidere, and we think Katie would love to have you guys at her party. We really hope to see people there!

    Katie, Petey and the cats

  • Sounds fun! Wish I lived closer. Hope everyone has a blast! 🙂

  • What a great cause. It will be so much fun watching the dogs run.

  • What a wonderful event. How can I make a donation to the cause? I'm unable to attend but would so much like to donate to your Gotcha Day for Katie.

    Dawn (and her Katie and Tyler)

  • Oh drat…I would come if I didn't already have plans to go up north that weekend. And ditto with Snorky998, if there is a way to donate, I'll put a donation in.

    P.S. If you are going to the BCOSW picnic next weekend, I can give it to you then.

  • West Suburban Humane Society has a secure server for donations on their website.

    I don't know if there is a way you can mark that it is from Katie's Gotcha Day Fundraiser though.

    If you go to this page:


    there is a button for click & pledge on the right hand side.

    I would like be at the BSCOW picnic this weekend too, but I haven't RSVP'd yet.

    Thanks so much.

    Still hope to see people at the fundraiser!


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