Finally, 4 dogs and 2 kiddos later..

…we have our Christmas card..
It took a lot of work, buckets of sweat and treats out the jing jang..but here it is..don't mind the not so sharp contrasts..after all the work of 6 living things looking this way and that...we are pleased..very pleased.

..can you smell christmas in the air??

Very, very nice, all are looking fwd and no one has their eyes closed!

What a crew! You're a lucky kid, terrier(I think), dachshund, podengo and basenji mamma!


jepp, Luna is a terrier mix..yorkie/ min schnauzer..our black westie we call her..we had a westie for 12 yrs, Bogus, and she is just like him, smaller, but spunkier then all get out..
She is my daughters dog, the dachshund, Gus is my son's dog and of course Otis is mine and Moses is my hubby's..makes for a great, well rounded family..add the cat and the coop to that and you have a

Nice picture! The Podengo is huge now!

What a great card Petra, nice work in deed!! Very beautiful children and a some real handsome dogs.

Fab picture, can't believe how big Moses is now

:Great Christmas card - must have been a hoot trying to get everyone to look at you at the same time! Couldn't convice the cat though, huh?:D Just kidding - we did a Christmas card one year with our two cats - took us over an hour to get them to sit next to each other - they never did do "eyes front."


Thanks all for your nice comments..and yes Moses is huge now..we call him our reindeer..if I only had some antlers home..he'd be wearing them in the picture..
The best treats…roasted almonds..they went nuts for them and sat ever so proper..funny, since I had every treat in the book out, from stinky salmon nuggets to lovely bacon bites, with peanut biscuits and liver treats in between..nope roasted almonds..sure why not.
They did swell, the kids on the other hand..such a handfuls..LOL

VERY nice pic! Love it!

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