Poppy BIS

We have just won Best in Show at the Basenji Club of Great Britain Open Show at Brampton - 15 November 2009 under Val Allen. Needless to say we are highly delighted; Sally took some pictures at the show so I will post them when I have them.

Poppy showed so well despite my nerves, I am so proud of her:D!!!

Steve, Sue & Poppy.

Well done to you all:D

Wohoo, that is great success! Many congrats :D.

Well Done Steve & Poppy. Look forward to seeing Sally's piccies. 🙂

Fantastic! Congrats on the great result!!:D


Super, big huge Congrats!

WOW! that's wonderful! CONGRATS

Well done Poppy and Steve :D. x

well done Steve and Poppy CONGRATULATIONS


Super job done..Huge congrats to all of you…

Brilliant result, well done !!!!!

Well done Steve & Poppy - where are the pictures?

Thanks everyone for your comments. Our next show is the LKA; hope to see some of you there.


Congrats!!!! 😃 Can't wait to see the pictures! 🙂

Congratulations! What a lovely win!


Congrats, that is wonderful!

I saw the results on Sally's website yesterday but couldnt get on here until today. Congrats on your great result Steve, Poppy is a star!

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