• Had to say goodbye to my oldest remaining Dobermann Tess (aged 14) last night. John came with me to the vets and she quietly slipped away to sleep - it never gets any easier does it?

    Tess was always my special one - she was from my 2nd litter from my Champion Twinglo Love Apple. 1 of a litter of 8, she was the last born, and when she was born it was as though she was in a much thicker and darker sack than the rest of the pups. Had some trouble getting her to breath at first, but she eventually did, though she wouldnt feed, and held her head way over to the side. Vet came, decided she may have been starved of oxygen at birth, would probably be braindamaged, recommended we put her down. Rightly or wrongly we decided to give her a chance - so it was hand feeding every few hours. At the time we were living in the middle of nowhere in a farmhouse in Perthshire - my mum had to come up to stay with us to help with the rearing. Down to the vets every week, and every week she got a little stronger - though she couldnt walk by 3 weeks. Eventually by 4 weeks she was up and about, but she tilted her head way over to the side, and fell over a lot. Every week the vet kept giving us the option to put her to sleep, but for some reason i just couldnt - she was a real fighter. At 8 weeks i decided to keep my favourite bitch in the litter (megan, sadly died of cancer at age 6.5) and i just couldnt see Tess go, so she stayed too. I remember when Lynn Glass & John Hull (Gaindyke Dobermanns) came up to help me evaluate the litter, they were very impressed with Tess, it was a pity about her disability- as at 8 weeks her head was still well tilted.

    By 6 months she was as big and strong as her sister- my vet could not believe it was the same pup. She was always a bit "slow" - a wee bit clumsy, she sometimes ran into the patio doors thinking they were open etc - but such a happy dog - her stumpy wee tail never stopped wagging.

    She was actually a fantastic dobe - beautiful head, tremendous forechest - and i did show her a few times - but she was just so happy to be out and about with people that she threw her front all over the place, and moved like a disney character. So she stayed at home as a much loved pet and only ventured out to be used as a "stooge" at judging training seminars etc. Though she did win best veteran at a Scottish Dobermann Club open show a few years back, and proudly flew round the ring throwing her legs in all directions the the great amusement of the crowd.

    I know she had a long and happy life and am just relieved that she is now at rest.

  • Just quickly logged on from Cyprus. Sorry to hear of your loss Scott and no you are right it never gets any easier:(

    Run free Tess x

  • Just wanted to say I'm sorry Tess is gone… I hope there is some peace in the wake of her happy life.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. You wrote a wonderful and touching tribute and your love for Tess was so obvious.


  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Tess.
    She lived a great life, against soem odds, and sh eis now running free again..happy and go lucky..
    Her life sounds like a sweet story, I know you did the right thing to give her a chance and she proved that by living and loving you both for 14 years.

  • So sorry to hear of your sad loss Scott.


  • Our condolences on the loss of your special girl. I am sure you are so glad you got to have her for all those years. Thanks for taking a chance on her. Sure sounds like she was a happy girl.

  • I am sorry about your loss of Tess sound's like she was a one of a kind very special. May you find peace in the fact of all the love she gave to you and you to her. God bless you.

    Rita Jean

  • Sorry to hear about Tess - may happy memories of her comfort you in this time.

  • Very sorry to hear about the loss of Tess. She sounds like she had 14 wonderful years that she wouldn't have had if you had listened to the vet.

  • what a beautiful tribute. i'm sure she's running happily at St Peter's gate now.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss..

    Hugs from Holland and run free Tess

  • I'm sorry Tess. Excellent that you never gave up on her and gave her a great life.

  • Very sorry for your loss, run free sweet Tess

  • So sorry to hear this Scott; no, it never gets any easier but she did have a great life thanks to you.

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of Tess.. I think it's wonderful you gave her the chance to grow up into a strong girl who lived a great life.

    Run free Tess!

  • I am so sorry for your loss. She had a great life thanks to you.

  • Sorry for your loss. Prayers to you.

    See you at the bridge Tess when I finally come to play with my Snorkie.

  • Scott - I am so sorry. I can commiserate because my Ama also died Thursday morning. He was 15 and three months and had not suffered at all. The day before he had his usual lengthy walk with 'his girls' . He ate a good evening meal and we had a romp on the settee when he liked to pretend he was a puppy. He had a normal evening and slept at the bottom of my bed. I was woken up by a chattering of teeth and he had gone into a seizure which lasted about 2 hours despite our attempts to stop it. He was unconsc ious and never rallied. A good way to go - without having suffered but devastating. He was so fit we expected at least another year or more of life. I know you saw him in the ring at NBS under Helena Stromberg.

    Sorry, once again about your special girl.

  • Helena,
    i am sorry to hear about your loss of Ama, it is comforting to think that he had a great last day and didn't suffer.
    Hope to see you tomorrow at the NBS

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