GoodBye, Isis

Our best wishes to your Isis. Your love was the best gift you could have given her.


My very best wishes to you - Isis was clearly special and will always remain in your heart.

We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Isis - she will live in your heart forever and in time those memories will help heal the pain. (hugs)

I'm sorry for your loss….
Hugs from me..

Sorry to hear of your loss. We lost our 1st B over 25yrs ago & I still think about him.


So sorry to hear of your loss. We recently rescued a B from a backyard breeder who did no testing. She is the most precious put in the world, and I am dreading getting the results of her Fanconi test back. We recently lost our other two B's due to old age.

Just remember that she's in a better place, and hopefully the pain of your loss is relieved soon.


We just helped Isis sister, Daisy cross the bridge too! I hope they are playing together with their Mom and Dad and in no pain. I hate this disease! And I am thankful we now have a test so we can stop our dogs from suffering.


I am sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…

Sad news. Sorry for your loss.

So sorry for your loss, Isis was a beauty. I love your tribute.

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