Goodbye ghost

Ghost was our cat and a member of our family for 18 years. This morning we had to say goodbye and stop trying to make him live when his poor old body was giving out on him. For his age he seemed to be doing great then the last 2 months he just seemed to age over night. This great cat was someones throw away, left in the desert to fend for himself we have never regretted giving him a home. He traveled with us from California to Pennsylvania. He was gentle and sweet and I'm not sure any other cat will be able to fill his shoes. Even with the 2 Bs my house already seems empty. Rest in peace, I hope all your pains are now gone and know it was so hard letting you go.

Ghost was quite a wonderful cat! My condolences for your loss. Ghost thanks you from the bottom of his heart for giving him a wonderful second chance at life. Run free Ghost!

RIP Ghost, an obviously well loved cat. May your sweet memories fill the hole in your heart.

what a sweet looking cat! RIP Ghost.

Sweet little Ghost - you can now purr happily and wait for your family to join you one day. My condolences to the family.

I?m sorry for your loss… What a sweet pistures of Ghost..
Goodbye Ghost..

I am very sory to hear about your loss of Ghost, he sounded like a realy special Cat.


So sorry for your free Ghost.

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