• I had to put my 14 year old beautiful faithful friend down. Now I know why she had Horners Syndrome. She had a deep rooted nerve brain tumor. First I thought she just had arthritis. Then the third eyelid issue. Then she started yelping when she tried to walk. Then her front leg became too painful to use. Then her back legs started to loose function. It all happened so quickly. But I couldn't see having her in pain. She was so very gentle and loving. I miss her terribly.

  • I'm so very sorry, I understand your heartbreak. She knows how much she was loved. Allow yourself to feel all that you're feeling and know that the grief you feel wouldn't be possible without all of the love and joy you shared.

  • Abaihya, I'm very sorry for your loss as I just had my girl put down Aug. 24, 2016, she was 16 & a half so, I feel your pain & understand the heartbreak. It was the same with my girl. She was fine Wed. morning, then took her afternoon nap. When she woke up, her back legs couldn't work right & she'd almost fall. I looked into her eye's & saw that she wasn't there. It's so hard when they pass. I still cry like a big baby when I think of her. I just hope I find another from BRAT or a breeder that has a retired Senji. They're really a special breed of dog! At least your's (& mine) are no longer in any pain & can run freely in that field next to the rainbow bridge! One day, you'll be together again! But that doesn't help at this very moment. Good luck to you & maybe you'll find another soon!!

  • So sorry to hear this. I lost my boy last April and even thinking about it still makes me cry, so I know the road you are travelling on. My condolences. Try to remember the good times but I know that only time will take away the heartache of your loss. You were kind to let her go. A wise friend once told me that it is better to wonder if we made the decision too soon than to know we made it too late and caused suffering.

  • So so very sorry ....... I love what CaliMaggy summed up so beautifully - true indeed to the core.

    Big hugs to you!!!!!!

  • I am very sorry about your dog. While 14 is a good long life, it is never enough. ((hugs))

  • Thank you all for your wise ords of wisdom. It as really helped. Aloha

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