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    Here is my e-mail cavierbay@hotmail.com I don't know if I ca post a phone number, so let me know if I can.

    My husband left usw (thats the good news) but he took all the computors, and the worst is he dumped Pearl. We like ikn Katy Texas, about 25 miles west of Houston. He told me where, I am not sure if that is the truth. We have looked and looked. I am calling everywhere.

    Please, we are heartbroken. If anyone lives here and found pearl, I will what ever I can to get her right now. I miss her face bu the door, I miss her loving me.

    Thanks for the help.



  • Oh Monica, I feel terrible for you! Using a beloved pet to inflict pain on someone is true abuse. I hope and pray that Pearl is found safe and sound, please keep us posted. I am way too far away to help you with anything other than good wishes…and not so good wishes for husband.

    Get all the helpers you can, take yummy smelly treats or cat food, if you have time to make some posters with her photo, do that. Knock on doors, posters to mailmen, trash men, etc. What are the odds that he told you the truth about where he left her? Tomorrow call all the vets and shelters for 25 miles all around. You might call the police now, sounds like theft to me, they probably can't help search but can keep an eye out for her.

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    Monica, I don't understand, did she runa away or did she get dumped? Does she have a microchip? Where was this? I am on the 290/1960 are side of town, so not in Katy, I jsut went through all the adds on craigslsit, nothing seems to match though. You could list it on there for free, post a pic, state that she needs meds, maybe she will be returned sooner.
    Here are some sites that might help out..
    ask vets in the area or call the different shelters and the city pound.
    I wish I could help more..

  • Monica so sorry to hear whats happened. Perhaps he hasn't realy dumped her , you know him best, would he realy do this?
    I can only repeat what Petra and Macpac have said, tell everyone you can think of, inform police, shelters and vets.

  • Pearls Mom - please give a description of the dog.

  • Make up some flyers with your dogs photo and your contact info and put them where you think she might be. Good luck.

  • Thats awful, maybe he has put her in a shelter surely he had feelings for her, I hope you find her soon. Is she microchipped?

  • How awful for you and for Pearl.
    I hope you have her home soon, please keep us all posted. x

  • I am so sorry but I wish you the best and pray that you get your girl back very soon and safe.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Pearl was taken to a field by a movie theater and went to play, I take her places, so thats not something that would scare her John let her go and then left. She is microchiped. I have put in reports with 2 animal shelters. Both said all the shelters scan first. 2 places told me that I may not hear till early in the week, Pearl is 2 years about 30 pounds tri colored, and the light in my life. I am heart broken.

  • Then canvas all the areas around the field with flyers…its a start at least.

  • Houston

    He said he left heron I10 and 99. Behind the cinemark theater.

  • Houston

    Monica, I am so sorry he did that and now she is lost. Sounds like something my ex would do..grrr.
    I hope you find her..make as many people in the area aware of you looking for her..she will come back..

  • Houston

    hope this works

  • What is your plan to get her home?

  • Drive around the area with a picture and ask everybody. Are there any parks near by? Is she friendly and socialized? Do you know if he left Pearl's collar on with tags? At least she has a chip. We're all putting our positive thoughts in the area for Pearl to be found safely.

  • Thanks for posting the photo.
    I feel so sad for you, but don't give up!
    Can you post her pix and information in the local paper?
    You and Pearl are in my prayers.

    Please, keep us posted.

  • Don't give up on her, a siberian husky on another forum was lost for two weeks in London and he came home safe.

    We are all praying for her safe return, and I wont say what vibes I am sending your husband :mad:

  • That, I think, would definitely be EX-husband to me! Good luck on her safe return.

  • I do so agree with EX-HUSBAND. Anything new on your girl yet? Do not give up….

    Rita Jean

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