• My husband and I are considering adopting a 1yr old female. Kali from basenji rescue. We currently have a 9m old male, and what I am wondering is how to tell if he would like a sister.

    When you read the posts on basenji rescue it sometimes says "needs to be placed with another dog" or "will not be placed with another dog" etc. While I pretty much understand the extremes of those two statements (total reliance or aggressiveness) how do you tell with one who is not so obvious.

    My experiences with Indy so far are he loves to go to the dog park, its one of his favorite things. He is very independent and does not always want to play at the park, he will usually play half the time and then go off by himself to explore half the time (over the span of 2 - 4 hours). We went out with our friend who has a female B and at the end of the day they were snuggled up sleeping together in the back of the car him on top of her so he chose to go over to her.

    He loves his kennel and it seems like he likes the alone time when we are at work, in the morning he kind of looks at you like "are you ready to go yet I need my beauty rest". But when we come home he wants nothing more than to be with you. So I THINK we have a really good thing here.

    My fear is… I do not want to take in another B and then have Indy be unhappy, because if one family member is miserable then we all are and that would not be giving Kali the best home she could have. She deserves the best family possible. Her profile says she would love to have a brother so I am not worried about that just the other way around we have not ever had another dog.

    If this is too long, sorry but I am just trying to figure out how to make the best decision for everyone. If you have any advice I would love to hear it.

  • He sounds well rounded enough to accept an addition… and since he does fine a the park and did well with another female B, I would say that it would be a good match...

  • If you can post to me privately, brescue@wavecable.com
    I can tell you how to make ANY basenji bond to your home.

  • He sounds like a very sociable youngster who would like having a basenji pal. I can't imagine having just 1, most really seem happier having a buddy. And while it may not be all roses for the first few weeks, after 3 or 4 months they will probably be inseparable. Good luck!

    Anne in Tampa

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