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He was adopted from a shelter (born there). The vet started him on Prozac like 8 months ago or so. We think it helped him slightly, but the unpredictable behaviors are not changed. We have had some luck with positive reinforcement surrounding the crate and food and he's good 90% of the time, but the other 10% of the time he can just snap. We definitely aren't blaming the breed, either one. We just wanted somewhere to reach out where people understood basenjis and some of their quirks. We plan to try behavior training but it is likely the last thing we can do. Ultimately, we are scared of the unpredictability and fear that when we have children they won't be safe around him.

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I live in California. We adopted our pup Reggie when he was 10 weeks. He definitely has the typical behaviors but also aggressive tendencies. He guards toys and his crate, and randomly gets aggressive just out of the blue it seems. He is incredibly anxious (on Prozac) and nervous. Leaving the house for anything other than a walk is very difficult because he can get aggressive in the car and vacations are impossible. We love him but we just don't know what to do with the behaviors.

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I came across this forum and needed to reach out. We have a basenji/corgi who has all the characteristics of a basenji, the talking, his look, and his stubbornness. He has difficult behavior problems and anxiety and we have tried everything to help him. My reason for reaching out is to find him a good home with someone VERY experienced with basenjis. Thanks! Please reply if you're interested or have any suggestions.

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