• Hi there,
    A friend of mine who works in basenji rescue (she did our screening) sent out this plea. We're all in San Diego, but I might be able to help with transport if someone somewhere else in So Cal can help either of these poor guys. Mojo's story is a heartbreaker.

    _I have two Basenji boys in need of a foster home. One is a 2 yr old red/white neutered boy named Levi. I evaluated him last Saturday and he is adorable, a little underweight, but friendly towards other dogs and very people friendly. He is an escape artist and a bouncer. He jumps straight up and down, very high jumps, to look over a half door in the garage and made several attempts to slither under a gate while I was there. He is not crate trained and would have to be well supervised.

    The second one is a 6-mo old brindle boy, named Mojo, whose previous owner threw him down a flight of stairs breaking one leg. He was not taken to a vet but, instead, placed in a kennel away from everyone so his crying wouldn’t annoy everyone. His leg has healed, he has been neutered but he bit the foster’s 2-year old – and that’s why the urgency now to remove him and place him somewhere with no children until he learns to trust again. I will plan to evaluate and pick up this pup this weekend. I will pass on any additional information once that is done.

    If you can foster, please let me know. I’m not sure which Basenji rescue group will ultimately be handling the placement but in either case, a home visit would have to be done prior to placing the dog in foster care and I could do that over the weekend or perhaps a night after work this week._

  • Oh, this is so tough!
    We just seem to be "raining" rescue b's lately.
    I just got another sweet senior boy in, up here in the PNW.
    Thanks for posting this Catt.
    Hopefully, someone can open their homes and hearts to these 2.

  • This is really sad, how can someone hurt a defenseless animal.

  • Stats show these folks that do this to animals, also do this to their wives and children.
    Very sad indeed!

  • Yes, Mojo's story is just the worst. :mad: What kind of person breaks a dog's leg and doesn't even get it treated? Evil.

    Wish I could take them but we're stretching at the seams with our two in our little 5th floor walk-up right now. And the woman that is working to place them has 3 B's of her own (all rescue), including one with a pretty serious recent medical challenge. Just hoping to find other basenji-loving angels out there ready for these lovable guys.

  • There is a special place in hell….

  • I would love to help but I'm all the way out in Massachusetts. I hope you can find someone there though.

    Just as a comment what Sharon said about the link between violence against animals and child and spousal abuse is very true. I used to work at a domestic violence shelter and found that to be very true. Additionally, violence against pets is often used as a threat ("you're next" or "see what I'm capable of") to scare the spouse/girlfriend into staying with the abusive partner. One thing I urge all people and animal advocates who live in a community with a DV shelter is to help the shelter to either allow the DV women to bring their pets or provide fostering of those pets. Many women won't leave because they fear they cannot bring their pets to a shelter and they know what will happen if the pets are left behind.

  • Unfortunately, I know you're right. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Hi Catt…I am interested in Fostering (or becoming his mom) Mojo..I have two females both 3 yrs old, large backyard and plenty of love.


  • Anyone interested in helping out please email rescue@basenjiforums.com and put a link to this thread in your email. We will get you in contact with BasenjiByTheBay.

  • Thanks, Alex. I wasn't sure what was currently allowed in terms of posting emails for contact.

    Jannie, I did not see Laura at our SD gathering yesterday - I think she may have been picking him up - but I'll get in touch with her today and see what Mojo's current status is and what's next. Thank you so much for your interest in the little guy.

    Were you at our gathering yesterday? I know all the basenjis' names but some of the humans' names I miss. ;p

  • Catt,

    We generally advise our members in the forum guidelines to not post their personal contact information on the public forum as there are security issues, privacy issues and spam issues all related to the posting of email addresses and phone numbers.

    If two people need to urgently get in contact, like in this case, we created an email account for that purpose rescue@basenjiforums.com, which we monitor closely.

    Thank you,

  • Yes I was there, with Gracie and Roxie. It was great seeing all the Basenji's.
    Thanks for your help. I posted photo's maybe that will help.

    Thanks for your help.


  • That's what I was guessing, Jannie, but I didn't remember your name, just Gracie and Roxie's. Must be all those years of being known as "Gena's (or one of the other kids') Mom" and knowing other mothers the same way. :p I'll let you know as soon as I talk to Laura today what's up.

    Thanks again, Alex. I know we've had issued with bots and trolls, so I understand not recommending posting email addresses.

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