• Please take a look at the faces on the photo. These two have been together all their lives and are now homeless due to the sudden death of their people mom in Henderson, Nevada.

    Time is critical. If you know anyone who would foster these until a home is found or know someone who would adopt an incredibly sweet pair of dogs, please let us know immediately and contact Sharron. Due to the housing mess and the high number of foreclosures especially in Nevada, rescues are overloaded. Please help us find a place for these two.

    These dogs are a bonded pair and have been together since around 8 mos. old. Loki is the (male) Basenji and Lily is a (female) mix (I believe some Anatolian Shepard is prominent there) and both are now 6 years old as of February.

    There is a possibility that these dogs will be sent to a shelter. The only shelter that will not kill is the Betty Honn Anithis animal shelter. All the others do. Especially large dogs, they have a hard time placing them. Most people want a small dog or pup.

    These dogs are not BRAT dogs.

    Sharron Hurlbut
    Silverdale, Wa.


  • I hope someone can help rehome these poor dogs.

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