Please help need home in florida

I have a approximately 2 year old basenji, who has recently become very aggresive and I have a new grandchild living with us. He, in the right situation, is a really good boy. I need a good home for him. He has had a rough start and just needs some guidance. Please let me know if anyone can help.

Chilidog, I have grandchildren too and I know how seriously you have to take dog aggression with kids. How old is your grandchild? Any chance you could do dog training and involve the little one, or work with a behaviorist?

It's a great gift to give your children and grandchildren to teach them to respect and care for all kinds of living things, and to take commitments seriously to anyone (including a pup) that you've agreed to care for. And maybe not so great a lesson to show them that if you misbehave you get sent away.

Have you contacted BRAT?

Yes, please contact BRAT (

Also, have you contacted your B's breeder?

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