An idea to help BRAT-need help

  • you could always try something like eBay?

  • I was thinking someone here might want these. If I am wrong no big deal. I dont need to raise money, just an idea. Maybe I should have said that if anyone want these for a few bucks I will donate any money to BRAT.

  • I would think that BRAT would love the books. Sharron, any ideas? Maybe a magazine could be given out with each rescue?

  • That's very nice of you. 🙂 Good luck. If I hear of anybody who may be interested, I will send them your way.

  • First Basenji's

    I will put in a bid to start at $10.00

  • I think you can also put the item on Ebay and specify the profits to BRAT. Once you put it up, anyone from the Forum could bid, plus anyone else.

  • Really, e-bay is the best way to do it. YOU will get a lot of folks who might want to send you a nice chunk of change…Course, BRAT can always use it.
    That would be my advice.
    Once you get this site up, I will post it to the several lists I am on!

  • Some years back, BRAT did a big fundraiser using e-bay. People donated cool things, sent them to someone who photographed them and put them up for BRAT auction. Please let me know if you put these on ebay, I would bid on the Ford book!

  • I think I will go for the Ebay thing. Never done it but always wanted to. Give me a couple of days to figure it out and I will let you all know.

  • I understand from someone who knows you can sell these items through Missionfish on

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